• Absences

    (See Middle School Student Handbook District Guidelines pg. I-3) When a student is absent a parent or guardian must call the school at 742-7763 by 10 a.m. the day of your absence. This is a 24-hour number with voice mail. If calling is not possible, the student is to bring a note from the parent to the office when s/he returns to school.


    Absence types

    • Excused Absences are approved by parents and the school. Babysitting, or staying home for reasons other than being ill are not considered excused.
    • Unexcused Absences are not approved by a parent and/or the school and are considered truancies.
    • Prearranged Absences are known ahead of time such as a trip, vacation, or illness. Get a Pre-Arranged Absence Form from the office and complete 2 to 3 days before to notify the office and your teachers. You will need to make arrangements with your teachers for makeup work and/or missed assignments during your absence.

    Arriving late to school is considered a Tardy or Truancy unless excused as above. Upon arrival have a parent call, come to the office for a pass or bring a note to check in.


    Blue Passes

    Do not leave the school without making arrangements with the attendance office. Should you have to leave the building at some time during the day, please follow these guidelines:

    1. Your parent/guardian may call the office or you may bring a written note from your parent/guardian. The note should contain a contact phone number for the day that you need to leave. Give the note to the secretary before school starts.
    2. The secretary will give you a “blue pass” which is to be shown to your teacher at the time you leave class.
    3. When you return to school, stop in the attendance office so that the secretary may make note of your return.


    Closed Campus

    All middle schools are closed campus, which means that students are not allowed to leave the building or the campus grounds from the moment of arrival at school until dismissal at 2:45 p.m. A parent must sign their student out with the office when leaving and the student must check back in when returning to school.


    Parent Absences

    Parent absences also require a note! The school and emergency medical personnel must have a written note explaining who temporary guardian(s) are for any minor. For student safety, the office needs a copy and the student should keep a copy with them.


    Tardy Policy

    Per ASD district handbook, “a student late for class without an acceptable excuse” shall be noted as tardy. Students are tardy if not in class when the bell rings. Tardies will start over each quarter.

    • 1st offense - Warning
    • 2nd offense - 4th offense - Minor Incident Report (MIR)
    • 5th offense - MIR and phone call home to parent by student/teacher
    • 6th offense or 7th offense - MIR and student will be issued a detention, including phone call home to parent by student/teacher
    • 8 offenses or more - Administrator discretion.