• Course Withdrawal Procedures
    Once students have selected courses there will be no schedule changes, including withdrawals, after the beginning of the grading period except as determined by the principal. Any student who is absent for the first three (3) days of a course may be withdrawn from that course. If this occurs, the student must reschedule. No records shall be kept on a student withdrawing from a course with the principal's permission prior to the end of the tenth (10th) day of the course. If a student withdraws from a course with the principal's permission after ten (10) days of the course, he/she will have WF (withdraw failing) or WP (withdraw passing) recorded on his/her transcript. All WF's shall be included in the calculations of the student grade point average.

    Grading System
    Reporting periods are nine-weeks in length. In middle level schools (grades 6, 7 and 8), each nine-week grade is a final grade for that grading period.
    A This mark indicates the student has done work in quality and quantity far in excess of the standards set forth for a satisfactory grade in the course.
    B This mark indicates that the student is doing work in quality and quantity above the standards set forth for a passing grade in the course.
    C This mark is a satisfactory passing grade. It indicates that the student is acquiring the necessary information to proceed in the subject. He/she is meeting the standards set for a passing grade in the course.
    D This mark indicates that the student is not effectively mastering the work assigned but has sufficient understanding of the subject to justify the opinion that more growth will result from advancement than from repetition of the course.
    F Insufficient progress in the subject to merit granting of credit in the course.
    WF or WP Student has been withdrawn from the course failing or passing.

    High School Credit for Middle School Students
    Middle school students may earn high school credit for taking high school level course work while in middle school. These credits may count toward high school graduation. Students must apply through the Credit by Choice program at their local high school to receive credit.

    Honor Roll
    Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 earning a 3.5 grade average will be eligible. Any F or D grade will disqualify a student for that grading period. Grades in all subjects will be considered.

    Make-Up Procedures
    Students with illness, pre-acknowledged, and activity absences may make up work. Forms for pre-acknowledged absence are available in the office. One day of make-up privilege will be granted for each day of absence up to a maximum of five school days, regardless of the length of the absence. If notification of a test was given before the absence, the student will be expected to take the test the day he/she returns to school. Students who are suspended from school may have make-up privileges. These privileges will be explained in the suspension letter. 

    Progress Reports
    The main function of progress reports is to inform the student and the parent/guardian of the progress the individual student had made in class. It is expected that accurate and objective reporting to the student and parent/guardian will encourage the student to make use of his/her educational opportunities to the best of his/her abilities. Interim progress reports may be given by the teacher at any time. They are usually issued at the mid-point of a nine-week period. The reports are designed to inform the student and parent/ guardian of the student's progress in a given subject area at that point in time. These notices act as a general guide to both parent/guardian and student so the student may improve his/her study and performance habits. If you have specific questions call the teacher/team for further direction or conference.