Plan Ahead for a Successful Start!

    • Register

        • Online registration is available if your child is returning to Mears. It is also available if Mears is the projected middle school for your child's previous elementary school. Online registration is done through Q ParentConnect. More information and translated registration form PDFs are available from the district's Welcome - registration page. Please call Mears at 742-6400 if you need a copy of your PIN number or password for Zangle.


          Parents of Mears Middle school students can register online to save time, but students will still have an opportunity to visit their school to pick up sports and activity paperwork and to make sure all health records are up to date.  ID card pictures and class schedules will be taken care of after registration.


        • In-Person registration is necessary for students who are new to the district or have moved during the summer. Please use the district's Enrollment page for pdfs of forms and lists of required identification.



    • Panther Camp

      • What is Panther Camp?  Panther Camp is an opportunity for kids to become familiar with the most stressful parts of the first weeks of school. Activities such as opening their locker, finding all of their classrooms, meeting other kids, procedures in the locker rooms, signing up for sports, extra curricular activities, what to do once you reach the lunchroom, and more are covered during Panther Camp. There is a $10.00 fee for Panther Camp; this fee provides a small snack and a Mears t-shirt.

      • When is Panther Camp?  Panther Camp is held in August just before school starts. It is offered on two different days and prospective students should sign up for only ONE day. The camp starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 11:30 AM. Kids can be dropped off and picked up in the east side parking lot near the rear of the building. Parents are invited to meet in the library with Mears Principal, Michael Perkins, for a short Q&A session at 11:00am.

      • Sign up for ONE session, pick your day:    Tuesday, August 13  OR  Wednesday, August 14.


    • Bus Route

      • To determine your child's bus route please go to the district Transportation page. Enter your address and wait for the map.


    • Teams

      • Teams are back at Mears! A team is a group of core teachers who share the same 135 students. This creates a smaller learning community for students, allows collaboration of curriculum units, and it gives teachers the ability to analyze and discuss data on their shared students. The theme for team names during the 19-20 school year is: glaciers. Visit the Teams page for a list of team names, team colors, teacher's names, and glacier locations. 
    • School Supplies

      • 2019 - 2020 Supply lists are organized by team. To determin what team your child is on check Zangle to see which teacher you child has for Science, then go to the Teams page and find that science teachers name. You can also call Mary Andrus, the administrative assistant, at 907-742-6400 if a schedule does not appear in Zangle.
      •  Supply lists by team at Mears.


    • Sports and Activities

      • Go to the Activities & Sports page to check the schedule of when each is offered and to find the requirements of participation and forms.