• The registrar at Mears is Debbie Roehl. She is the first person that you will see when you enter the main entrance of our building. Ms. Roehl is also in charge of attendance. She can be reached at the Mears main phone number, 742-6400. The direct line to Ms. Roehl's desk is 742-6404. If you are reporting the absence of your child from school please call: 566-3300 or 742-6404 before 10 a.m.

  • New to the District? Register in Person.

    Directions to Mears

    In person registration is also required if you have moved into the Mears area over the summer.


    Online registration

    Online registration is available if your child is returning to Mears, and it is also available if Mears is the projected middle school for your child's previous elementary school. Online registration is done through Q ParentConnect. More information and translated registration form PDFs are available from the district's Welcome - registration page. Please call Mears at 742-6400 if you need a copy of your PIN number or password to login to Q.

    • Parents of Mears Middle school students can register online to save time, but students will still have an opportunity to visit their school to pick up sports and activity paperwork and to make sure all health records are up to date.  ID card pictures and class schedules will be taken care of after registration.

    • If your child will be attending Mears for the first time be sure to sign-up for Panther Camp!