Reporting an Absence

  • Students who attend school every day perform better than those students who do not. It is difficult to learn when absent from class or a full day of school. It is the student’s responsibility and the responsibility of parents or guardian to make sure students attend school.


    If a student is absent from school, the parent or guardian must telephone the school at 566-3300 or 742-6404 before 10 a.m. on the day the student is absent. If the parent or guardian does not call in to report an absence, the student must bring a note to the Front Office from the parent or guardian. It must list the day(s) and reason for the absence, and be signed by the parent or guardian.

    Absences are considered excused ONLY if approved by a parent and due to:

    1. Illness,
    2. Death or serious illness in the immediate family,
    3. Participation in a school function,
    4. Extenuating circumstances approved by the principal,
    5. Attendance at a religious event.

    Staying home or being late due to over sleeping, transportation issues, babysitting, or assisting family members are considered unexcused absences. Absences over five days must be arranged in advance using the Prearranged Absence form available in the Front Office and can be downloaded below. The form must be completed and turned in prior to the absence. A principal must approve such absences. Regardless of the reason absent, students should make up all missed school work.

    Closed Campus/Blue Passes

    Mears Middle School is a “closed campus.” This means students are not allowed to leave the campus after they first arrive until they are done with their last activity for the day without parental or guardian permission and an administrator’s approval. For example, students may not leave campus at any time to go to any local businesses. Significant behavior consequences may occur if a student leaves without proper permission.

    If a student must leave the building during the school day, the student must bring a written note to the Front Office from their parent or guardian on the day that they need to leave. The secretary will give the student a “blue pass” so the student can leave class. The parent or guardian may call the attendance office at 742-6404 or email Ms. Roehl, at least one hour before pick-up for unexpected situations.

    The student’s parent or guardian is the only person authorized to pick up a student from school. The parent or guardian must notify the Mears Middle School office if they are giving another person permission to pick up their child. Whoever picks up the student must sign them out in the front office. The student must also check out at the Front Office and back in upon returning.