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  • Karin Richards, RN-BSN

    Office Hours: 7:45am-3:15pm

    Office Phone: 907-742-6401

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Nurse Richards in her office
  • Forms


    Presciption Medication: Long Term

    Permission form for allowing school personnel to administer medical provider prescribed medication for more than 15 days during the current school year. A written statement indicating students name, DOB, medication name, dose, route, and frequency that is signed and dated by a medical provider with prescriptive authority in Alaska is required will also be accepted. Must be renewed annually.


    Prescription Medication: Short Term 

    Permission form for allowing school personnel to administer medical provider prescribed short-term prescriptions for a period of time not to exceed 15 days. A current pharmacy label on the container will be accepted as the legal prescriber's authorization for short term medications.



    Parent permission form for requesting the district give non-prescription medicine under certain conditions. Use this form for the current school year for any non-herbal, non-homeopathic medications that can be purchased at a store. Must be renewed annually.