• canvas parent logo Being a Parent Observer in Canvas

  • Video Guide

    Mears' Tara Bivins created this video guide to help parents go through the steps of setting up a Parent Observer account in Canvas.

    Watch: Video Guide Parent Observer

  • What does it mean to be a parent observer?

    A parent observer account allows you to see your child's progress in their online learning classes in Canvas. Parents can monitor grades/feedback and assignments both completed and upcoming.



  • How do You become a parent observer?

    To become a parent observer in Canvas you must register for an account and pair your account to your child's Canvas account. Detailed instructions are linked in the button below. 


    Parent Observer Instructions


    Some key points.

    1. The first page of the instructions show how your child creates a pairing code inside of Canvas after they login.

    2. Desktop/Laptop: The second and third page of the instructions detail registering for an account on a laptop or desktop computer inside of an Internet browser.

    3. Mobile Device: If you want to be a parent observer on a mobile device, use your app store to get the free Canvas Parent app. Then follow the instructions on page four of the Parent Observer Guide.


  • Why be a parent observer in Canvas?

    Checking Canvas as a parent observer is similar to using Parent Connect to see how your child is doing.



  • Where to get help?


    The Anchorage School District has started a couple of different ways for parents and students to get help.


    Recommended: Create an online ticket: http://help.asdk12.org


    Call: 907-742-4357 (HELP)