Academic Honor Code

  • Dimond High School has a strong tradition of academic excellence, which is built upon an atmosphere of trust and a commitment to integrity in our community of learners. Academic honesty is expected from all students. Dishonesty in any form is forbidden and hurts our academic community.

    Plagiarism includes but is not limited to:

    1. Deliberately or inadvertently using someone else’s words, work, or even ideas without attribution. This can be identified by a teacher, an administrator, or an anti-plagiarism program such as
    2. Not acknowledging a quotation.
    3. Failing to put an author’s words inside quotation marks.
    4. Paraphrasing or summarizing facts, ideas, or opinions from sources without stating exactly where they come from.
    5. Using in your paper sections that have been rewritten by a friend, parent, or tutor. This may occur in person or through technology such as Google Docs.
    6. Buying, finding, or receiving a paper or portion of a paper that you submit as your own work.
    7. Submission of work intended to deceive.  This may include, but is not limited to, self-plagerism, such as submitting the same work to multiple classes.

    Other forms of academic dishonesty may include but are not limited to:

    1. Copying another student’s homework, class work, paper, draft, quiz, or test.
    2. Allowing another student to copy your work.
    3. Copying answers or problems from web pages or phone applications.
    4. Presenting a translation as your own work when a translation program, device, or another person has been used as a resource.
    5. Using an image, video, music, or other digital media without citing the source.
    6. Reproducing or photographing a quiz, a test, or class materials without direct permission from the teacher.
    7. Transmitting content or photographs of testing materials.
    8. Revealing testing materials to other students via speech, hand signals, writing, or technology.
    9. Talking, using gestures or signs, or using an electronic device during an assessment.
    10. Any unauthorized use of an electronic device to assist on tests and/or assignments assessments.
    11. Gaining an unfair advantage over other students, including:
      1. Changing another student’s grade.
      2. Tampering with another student’s assignments, including editing without permission.
      3. Using an unauthorized “cheat sheet” or notes on a test or quiz.
      4. Creating an environment that deliberately interferes with another student’s ability to study or work collaboratively on an assignment even if it results in a lower score for the student doing the interfering as well.


    Collaboration between students is expected in some classes; however, “working collaboratively” does not mean handing your work to another student. Sharing your work with other students is considered a violation of the honor code.


    If dishonesty occurs, sanctions may include discipline by a teacher, administrator, coach, or sponsor. Infractions will be tracked and sanctions will escalate for repeated offenders and infractions.

    Possible consequences may include any combination of the following: parent contact and/or conference; zero credit for the test or assignment; detention or Monday School; work detail; suspension from playing in a sporting event, attending an activity, or club membership; zero credit for the class; suspension from school; or other appropriate discipline by school personnel.

Backpacks and Bookbags

  • Students are permitted to bring backpacks and book bags to school. It is strongly recommended that students store backpacks and bags in their lockers during the school day, and only take what is needed to each class. If students elect to carry a backpack/bag to classrooms, it is expected that students can store their bag under their seat or hang it on a chair so as not to be a tripping hazard. 

    Teachers may have their own classroom expectations for backpacks, and it is the responsibility of students to comply with the expectations in each classroom.

    Dimond High School is not responsible for any lost or stolen bags or bag contents.


  • Riding the bus is a privilege for students. Courtesy and safety are paramount for those riding buses. Disciplinary action may be taken against those who violate this privilege including suspension and loss of bus riding privilege. See “Bus Transportation” for specific regulations regarding riding the bus.

    Students may not ride any bus except the one that is designated for them. To ride a different bus, the student must present notice in writing to the bus driver from a school official or from the student’s guardian.


  • The cafeteria is open for service from the time the bell rings, to start lunch, to the warning bell ending lunch. Students may not purchase items before or after these bells. Breakfast is served in the school cafeteria each morning until 7:20 a.m. Please respect the following rules to facilitate a smooth operation:

    1. Do not cut in line or ask others to purchase items for you
    2. Throw trash away in the trash cans
    3. Do not panhandle (asking others for money to purchase items)
    4. Do not move tables around

Cell Phones/ECD

  • Per ASD School Board policy, students are permitted to use cellular phones and other ECDs before and after school and during the student’s lunch period. 

    A student must politely turn off the cell phone and relinquish it when asked by a staff member. If a cell phone/ECD is confiscated, it will be turned into the Student Services Assistant Principal, where it will remain until a guardian can pick it up. If there is a second cell phone/ECD incident, the parent will be contacted and a disciplinary sanction will follow. If there are additional incidents, increased disciplinary sanctions will follow.

Closed Campus (Modified)

  • Students are prohibited from leaving the campus during the school day EXCEPT during lunch. The exceptions are students who attend King Career Center, have pre-approved late arrival or early dismissal privilege, or who have pre-approved “on-the-job training.” Students who leave campus during class time or passing time, are subject to a truancy. Students who need to leave campus during the school day for any reason, must have PRIOR parent permission. This includes running errands for a class or teacher. Parents must contact the Attendance Office BEFORE the student leaves and a blue pass will be issued for each occurrence by the administration and/or its designee.


  • Each student is expected to attend school clothed in a manner that is clean, not hazardous to the safety of self or others, and which does not distract from the required educational environment. Clothing worn by students that are, in the reasonable opinion of the school administration, inappropriate is forbidden. The following are not permitted by the DHS Dress Code:

    • Bandanas or any item displaying bandana print pattern to include, but not limited to shirts, pants, shoes, etc.
    • See-through tops or bottoms
    • Attire or accessories with spikes, fake bullets, alcohol or drug-related themes
    • Blankets
    • Sagging or baggy pants. The waist must be above the buttocks
    • Dresses or skirts that are too short and revealing
    • Tops that are too low and bare shoulders are unacceptable and undergarments should not be showing.
    • Tops that show bare midriffs
    • Pajamas or sleepwear
    • Items that obscure the face such as sunglasses, masks, full face paint, etc.

    Also prohibited are specific words or symbols depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, obscenity, profanity, violence, weapons such as guns/ knives, nightclub establishments, sexual references, words or messages that demean others, depictions of secret or non-school sanctioned organizations.

    Accessories such as chains, spiked items, colored bandanas, or rags are not allowed. This list is not inclusive and may evolve as circumstances dictate. If in doubt about what is appropriate to wear at school, please contact a security person or an administrator.

    Students who do not comply with the student dress rules are subject to the following sanctions: warning/covering/removal, Parent contact, detention, work detail, or suspension.


  • The commons area of the school is designed as a gathering place for Dimond High students during non-academic times, including lunch. The platform is only available by sign-up with the Activities Principal.

Communication with Teachers

  • Good communication between teachers, students and parents facilitates education. We provide progress reports to parents at the fifth week of each quarter. At the end of each grading period, a report card is available for all parents.

    Teachers also provide regular reports in Q, printouts or reports to students to share with their parents. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress and grades with teachers and the following methods are encouraged:

    1. Telephone: Parents are welcome to contact teachers by telephone. Messages for teachers may be left at 742-7000. Parent may expect a return call within 48 hours.
    2. Email: All teachers have access to computers and the district email system. To send email to a teacher, please use the following address: teacher’s last name_teacher’s first (example: smith_john@asdk12. org). A complete list of faculty and staff email addresses is available here.
    3. Q: Student and Parent Q IDs transfer one year to another as well as between ASD schools. If you have lost the information and need to retrieve it, please contact the Curriculum office at 742-7008.

Driving/Parking Regulations

  • Students who drive to school must purchase an ASD/DHS Parking Permit for the school year, and register their vehicle, including motorcycles. He/she must sign an agreement acknowledging the right of the school officials to search a vehicle.

    The parking lot near Chinook School is for staff. This lot cannot be used for student drop off or pick up due to safety concerns. Violators will be ticketed.

    The parking behind the building is limited to ASD staff only.

    The designated student parking is in the southeast parking lot. Students are permitted to park in this lot after purchasing a parking permit. The eastern lot is solely for the purpose of patrons of the pool; it is not for student use. If a vehicle is parked in a lot without the appropriate permit, a parking fine will be issued. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or lacking a visible parking sticker are liable for fines, impoundment, and towing as deemed appropriate by school administration. The owner is responsible for paying any fines and impound charges.

    The following regulations govern all students who drive to school:

    1. Students must comply with all state and local traffic laws.
    2. Unauthorized use of vehicles during the school day is prohibited.
    3. All vehicles must be parked in authorized parking areas Student vehicles are to be parked in the east parking lot only.
    4. The speed limit in the parking lot is five miles per hour. Please drive in a safe and courteous manner.
    5. Do not block in other vehicles or park in areas that are marked “Buses Only” “Fire Lane” “Pool Parking” “Municipal Vehicle Only” or “No Parking”. Please note that the front student drop off area is a moving lane. Please DO NOT park in the red painted fire lane at any time. All vehicles must be registered and have their permit displayed in order to park or remain on school grounds.
    6. Violation of the above regulations may result in the loss of driving privileges to school, disciplinary sanctions and/or a parking fine of $25.00 per violation.
    7. If you park off campus, please follow all traffic signs, do no not park in front of mailboxes and please respect private property.
  • Electronic vaporizers and/or e-cigarretes are not permitted on school grounds. Should a student be found in possession, the vaporizer will be confiscated and consequences assigned.


  • Use of the school elevator is restricted to use by students with handicapping conditions or those with temporary medical conditions.

Emergency Notification System

  • On rare occasions the Anchorage School District may need to contact large numbers of parents in a short period of time. The ASD emergency notification system has been designed to telephone a pre- recorded message to the caller or email to parent/guardian.


  • Students are invited to use the cafeteria during lunch. Food is forbidden in computer areas and the library. No food is allowed in the commons stage or surrounding carpeted areas. All food and beverages are to be consumed in the in the commons and auditeria or in teachers' classrooms that are open at lunchtime. Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep Dimond sparkling clean!

Gym Lockers

  • Gym lockers are designed to hold your gym clothes and/or your school clothes only. It is not secure enough to hold anything else including valuable items. Do not leave any clothing or other items unlocked in the locker room, as the school assumes no responsibility for any loss.

Hall Passes

  • Students must have a signed pink hall pass from a teacher with their name and the date and time on it. Students traveling in the hallways during the school day, who do not have a hall pass, will be issued a detention, or will be issued a truancy, as applicable.

Headphones and Speaker Boxes

  • Headphones are allowed in halls with one ear-bud in. Personal amplification devices such as speaker boxes, boom boxes, bluetooth speakers, and excessive volumes by cell phones are not allowed at Dimond High School. The parent or guardian may claim confiscated headphones and speaker boxes in the Student Services Office.

Human Dignity

  • Dimond High School affirms the dignity and respect of all persons. Therefore, words or actions belittling any race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, or handicapping condition is strictly prohibited.


  • Dimond High students are required to have a current school ID. Students should carry this identification with them during the school day. Students will present this picture I.D. when requested by a school staff member. Failure to present appropriate school I.D. may result in disciplinary action. New ID cards and replacement cards can be issued at the Curriculum Office.


  • Our library is a resource for everyone to use and it is open daily from 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. A copier is available for students to use for a small fee and computers are available for student use. Please follow the guidelines for using our library:

    1. No food or drink is allowed in the library
    2. Be respectful of others by following proper library decorum
    3. A library code is necessary to check out library materials
    4. A signed Internet use agreement is necessary to use library computers for research
    5. Students must have a signed pass from a teacher to use the library during class time
    6. The library is for study and research only; it is not an area to socialize


  • Lockers are provided as a privilege to students and they are responsible for maintenance as well as contents. The school assumes no responsibility for items in your lockers. ALL STUDENTS WILL BE ASSIGNED A LOCKER. The following guidelines apply to all students and violations may result in disciplinary consequences and/or the loss of the locker privilege:

    1. Use only the locker assigned to you.
    2. Do not write or apply anything permanent to the surface of your locker
    3. You are responsible to remove any writing or marks on your locker door and in your locker. Any visible writing or marks will result in work detail
    4. Do not share your locker combination with anyone
    5. Do not leave valuables in your locker
    6. Do not leave open or unwrapped food or beverages as it will attract pests
    7. Be aware that lockers are subject to random searches at any time
    8. Students who do not empty and clean out their lockers on the designated day will be issued a cleaning fee

Lost/Found Items

  • The Lost and Found is located at Student Services. Students who believe that they have a lost or stolen item should promptly report it to Student Services. There, the students can check the Lost and Found Bin, or fill out a “Loss/Stolen Report,” and notify APD. The Lost and Found Bin is cleaned out at the end of every quarter, and any remaining items are donated to a local charity.

Monday School

  • Monday School is an intermediate forms of discipline and may be used in lieu of suspension at the discretion of school administration. Students will serve Monday School from 7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on the assigned Monday(s). Failure to serve will result in additional discipline being assigned.

Progress Reports

  • Official school progress reports also known as “drag sheets” are available to students on THURSDAYS at the counseling office counter. Students should take the progress report to their teachers to have them fill it out on Thursdays.


  • Respect is the hallmark of our school. To build good citizens and maintain Dimond’s positive spirit, every member of our community is expected to be respectful of others. Our actions and our words shall always respect our diversity and our strengths and uniqueness as individuals and as a school.

School Hours

  • Dimond is open at 6:30 a.m. everyday. Students are to vacate the building at 2:15 p.m., unless they are in a school-supervised activity. Students who are in the building after 2:15 p.m. must be with a staff member at all times.

School Resource Officers

  • Dimond High School participates in the School Resource Officer program with two uniformed officers assigned to the building.

    Collaborative efforts between the Anchorage School District and the Anchorage Police Department allow officers at Dimond to work closely with staff, students, the surrounding feeder schools and local community members.

School Store

  • The “Lynx Lair,” Dimond’s student store is operated by PTSA and is located in the Commons. The Lair is open before school and at lunch.


  • Phones are available to call home and for school business only.

Vending Machines

  • Vending machines dispensing snacks and drinks are available for use EXCEPT DURING CLASS TIME. Students are prohibited from initiating sales of any items at any time.


  • All visitors on official school business must sign in at the main office and receive permission before proceeding to an office or classroom.