Activity Cards

  • Students may purchase an “Activity Sticker” which must be affixed to their ID card and it will allow students to attend games scheduled at Dimond for free or at a reduced rate. The Activity Sticker excludes admission to tournaments or events hosted by ASAA or other non-school groups.


  • Dance Attire & Behavior

    Students are expected to dress and dance appropriately.

    Dress should be consistent with the dress code under Dimond General Information. Moshing, freaking and dancing that is deemed inappropriate will result in the student being asked to leave without a refund. The offending student may be prevented from attending other dances in the future. Appropriate student identification is required for admission to each dance. Once you have been admitted to a dance, you may not return again after leaving. Students should make arrangements in advance with parents for transportation to and from the dance. All fines must be cleared in advance to attend dances.

    Guest Passes

    Guest passes for dances will be available for students to pick up two weeks prior to a dance. Guest passes must be turned in directly to the Activities Clerk on or before the date and time cited on the guest pass application. Dimond High Students may sponsor one guest only at a dance AND must attend and enter the dance with that guest. Guests must be current students attending an ASAA membership school in grades 9 –12. DHS Graduates, age 20 or below, may be considered for attendance to the DHS Prom.


    A Dimond High ID is required for admission to any dance. Acceptable ID for dance guests is a current school ID card or, if the guest is a graduate, a driver’s license or state ID. For admission to pre-sale ticket dances, an appropriate ID and a ticket are required for entrance.

Poster Guidelines

  • Dimond organizations and athletics are encouraged to promote their activities in a positive manner. The following guidelines have been established to comply with fire code, to keep our building looking neat, and to spare the expenses of removing tape and staples and repairing damaged surfaces.

    1. Posters and fliers must have the signature of the sponsoring staff member.
    2. Posters and fliers must be in good taste and may not contain inappropriate statements, inferences or illustrations.
    3. By fire code, ceiling beams and doors may not be used to hang posters.
    4. Less is more. Only one copy of your poster is allowed to be hung from each cork strip. No more than 20 copies of any poster may be hung.
    5. Ask first! If you have any questions about what to post or where to post it, contact an administrator.