• Teachers and staff will make every reasonable attempt to redirect students who exhibit behavior problems or disruptive behaviors in and outside the classroom. This will include conferencing with students, calling the parent/guardian, and implementing behavior modification strategies. If behavioral problems persist, or if a student has a discipline problem severe enough to warrant a referral to the office, a disciplinary referral will be filled out and sent to the Student Services Assistant Principal. This referral will include an explanation of the problem. In extreme cases where a student must be removed from class, security or administration will be involved and appropriate action will be taken. Parents will be informed of the disciplinary problems and the actions taken to correct the situation. For further information regarding disciplinary procedures, please refer to the Anchorage School District High School Student Handbook.


  • Students must serve detentions within 2 days.  Detentions may be served Monday-Friday during lunch.  Failure to serve will result in additional discipline being assigned.

Work Detail

  • Work detail is served during lunchtime. Students who are assigned work detail are to report to the Commons promptly at the beginning of lunch. Work detail may include clean-up detail that involves going outside of the building, therefore all students who are assigned work detail must be appropriately dressed for weather conditions. Students will be provided time before the end of lunch to eat. Failure to serve will result in additional discipline being assigned.

Monday School

  • Monday School is an intermediate forms of discipline and may be used in lieu of suspension at the discretion of school administration. Students will serve Monday School from 7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on the assigned Monday(s). Failure to serve will result in additional discipline being assigned.

In-School Suspension

  • In-school suspension (ISS) may be assigned for various infractions that do not warrant out-of-school suspension (OSS).  Failure to successfully complete in-school suspension will result in out-of-school suspension.