• The Personalized Learning Approach 

    PAIDEIA Cooperative school provides a learning program which allows families to design the right fit for their child’s educational needs.  The school takes a much more personalized approach by working with families to ensure that students’ interests and passions are considered when selecting the right course of study.  


    Students who enroll in onsite blended classes at PAIDEIA Cooperative School receive instruction that focuses on teaching skills while navigating content.  Teachers design instruction based on input from students while utilizing various types of curriculum to support learning.  Through this approach parents, students, and staff work collaboratively and creatively so that students can still find other avenues to support learning based on their own needs and passions.


    PAIDEIA places a strong emphasis on student accountability as many of the classes offered do not happen under the direct instruction of a teacher.  Students are encouraged to be in charge of their learning and to work collaboratively with PAIDEIA staff and parents to ensure that they are engaged while working at a pace that will allow for completion within the needed time frame.

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