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    Core Classes

    Core classes at the middle school level are math, science, language arts and social studies.


    MathStudents have a variety of levels of math to choose from. Math 7 is grade level math. We also offer pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and currently offer algebra II.  Math placement is originally done by the student’s 6th grade teacher and evaluated during the first quarter of 7th grade to ensure the student is the correct math class for their ability.


    Social StudiesGeography is the focus for 7th grade, with US History in 8th grade. Geography encompasses the five themes of geography as well as the history, culture, physical features, and current events of all the regions of the world. US History begins with first contact and goes until the Civil War.


    Language ArtsThe focus on language arts at the 7th grade level is reading, writing, and communicating. Students read a variety of works, from short stories and novels to texts and articles, and work on higher level discussions and application to their own lives as well as the world around them.  Written expression is imbedded in all the work students do and they are pushed to not only work on mechanics, but take risks as writers and push themselves to improve.


    ScienceBoth 7th and 8th grade science are integrated and include all the big content areas including  biology, chemistry, physics, earth and space science, and geology.  The focus is on a better understanding of the big ideas of how the natural world works as well as the process and principles of science and the engineering design process. Additional focus is put on connections, relationships, and applications, as well as the nature of science. 

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