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    The Russian Immersion program is ASD K-12 language program:

    Grades K-6 located in Turnagain Elementary School

    Grades 7-8 located in Romig Middle School

    Grades 9 - 12 located in West High School


    Program Admission Policy and Enrollment

    The Russian Immersion program is a public optional program. A lottery, which is held in Spring and Summer, determines entry with preference given to neighborhood families and siblings. Fifty students are enrolled into kindergarten to form two classes with 25 students each. The enrollment is open to all school district students of the age of 5 and 6. The cut-off for entry of a new student is the first grade at the second semester; although heritage and native speakers of Russian who have both speaking and literacy skills are allowed to attend the program upon completion a proficiency assessment in reading, writing and speaking.

    Today the Russian Immersion program extends over 350 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade with nine native Russian teachers. In addition to the Russian Immersion program, Turnagain Elementary school, where the program starts, used to provide weekly Russian lessons by the Russian FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) teacher.

    The main school body of the program is English-speaking students who do not have any ties with Russian language or history, but living in Alaska. In addition, the program has few students from Russian-speaking families, the families of and students who were adopted by American families.

    This information was prepared by Elena Farkas for ACTR Newsletter (Spring 2012), and was edited for this website in August 2018.