• Highly Gifted Program


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    The Romig Highly Gifted Program is a connected community of students, families, teachers, and staff within the greater Romig Middle School community that focuses on the academic and social-emotional needs and growth of highly gifted students through acceleration, enrichment, collaboration, and an increased emphasis on the application and connection of curriculum between disciplines and its relevance both locally and globally. The Romig Highly Gifted Program believes in equity: that all students deserve to grow and to learn and practice the skills and dispositions needed to succeed in whatever future they choose.






    The Romig Highly Gifted Program supports this mission by:


    • Scheduling highly gifted students in language arts and science classes together (currently the only middle school in ASD to do this)
    • Scheduling highly gifted students together with four shared core academic teachers
    • Understanding and supporting the unique math needs of highly gifted learners 
    • Accelerating and enriching the Anchorage School District  curriculum in an age appropriate manner with the highly gifted learner as a guide to access and nurture their inherent curiosity and global empathy
    • Embracing the divergent nature of the highly gifted brain to provide more choice in expression of learning within the frameworks of standards and mastery as well as the removal of a cap on learning
    • Helping students with new leadership and collaboration skills for the 21stCentury
    • Aiding students in the organizational skills and habits needed to find and continue success in their formal education and beyond
    • Working to increase students’ global competencies through authentic learning experiences
    • Differentiating for the divergent highly gifted learner in all subjects to emphasize application and connection of concepts over repetition and memorization
    • Emphasizing learning and teaching as a process, not solely a product
    • Continued professional development and collaboration among educators within subjects, grade levels, and the whole program, with the highly gifted learner in mind
    • Building strong relationships with families to provide the best possible environment for individualized student growth
    • Emphasizing the importance of a balanced educational and life experience
    • Working with other school staff such as counselors and administration to best serve highly gifted students and families
    • Facilitating the development of collaboration skills and relationship building to address individual social needs


    Incoming 6th and 7th Graders:  View our Advanced HG Booklet


    Mr. Bruce and the 2017 regional champion MathCOUNTS team.

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