• math counts students hold up their calculators

    What is MathCOUNTS?


    MathCOUNTS is a national program providing students with enriched math experiences through individual and team competitions. For more information, visit the MathCOUNTS website at www.mathcounts.org


    Romig has been competing in MathCOUNTS competitions for going on 20 years and has continually placed among the top both locally and statewide.  Mathletes have traveled to such locales as Orlando, FL, Washington, DC, and Denver, CO, to participate in national MathCOUNTS competitions.


    MathCOUNTS is not only an enriching mathematical experience but helps students solve problems in novel and creative ways as well as collaborate in teams to solve difficult challenges. Participation in MathCOUNTS and the AMC (American Math Competition) has been linked to greater success in future math classes as well as increases in standardized test scores such as the ACT and SAT.