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    Virtual Elementary (Grades K-5)

  • We are excited that your family selected the ASD Virtual program to help your child build knowledge and critical thinking skills that will allow them to adapt and thrive when facing new challenges.


    Grades K - 5 through ASD Virtual Program utilizes learning platforms supported by ASD virtual teachers and led by parent engagement. Here you will find information on the virtual learning platforms, elementary resources, and helpful articles for your family and student(s). 

Learning Platforms

  • Calvert Learning

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    Calvert learning is the core program used by ASDV and is known for its academic rigor and engaging approach that improves student performance.

    • Curriculum is built using the research-based PLUS framework
    • Collaborate with parents, guardians, and caregivers
    • Aligned to National learning standards

    Exact Path

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    Exact Path uses personalized learning paths for grades K–5 in reading, language arts, math, and supplements Calvert Learning.

    • Personalized Learning for Academic Growth
    • Diagnostic assessments benchmark learning needs
    • Automatically adapts learning path for each student


    Suite 360

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    Suite360 offers short weekly lessons to help students develop skills to understand and manage emotions, learn how to build positive relationships while making responsible choices.

    • 20 years of research to design a program to help children build social and emotional learning skills
    • Lessons will be facilitated by a teacher one day a week, or students can go through them on their own 
    • Children with strong social and emotional learning skills perform better academically


    ASD teachers will work with you to monitor your child’s progress, pacing, and content mastery while providing professional insight, instruction, and support. 

Elementary Resources