• Part-Time Enrollment Guidelines

    Download and complete the single course enrollment form and email it to the AMCS counselor




    AMCS students may request to take one (1) course at their affiliate school. Please beware these courses can be difficult to schedule and are often not possible. Transportation is the student's responsibility, and most allow enough travel time between sites to ensure timely arrival to the class before the start time. Students are also encouraged to take foreign languages, music, art, and other elective classes through UAA rather than as single-course enrollments.


    Students must:


    • meet with their college advisor to schedule college courses 
    • to discuss required high school courses with AMCS’ high school counselor before completing a single course enrollment request
    • acknowledge AMCS college courses, program mandatory events, final exams, and advisories will take scheduling priority over single course enrollments
    • agree the requested course does not conflict with any other scheduled courses on any day of the week


    Please note, if a student withdraws from or earns a grade of D or F in a college class, a single course enrollment will not be permitted the following semester(s). Be thoughtful about the amount of time and work required for your course load along with any other time commitments you may have (extracurricular, work, family commitments, volunteers work, etc.).