School Counselor Role

School Counselors play an integral part in student learning by assisting students to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.  The goal of counselors is to increase students' awareness about themselves and the workplace of tomorrow and aid students in how to plan for the future.  



  • Graduation cap Handbooks
  • Tutoring
  • Classes and learning opportunities
  • Graduation requirements, transcripts, planning
  • Non-graduate options



  • ‌State mandated tests
  • College / career
  • Test prep


After high school

Arrows Explore options to continue your education after high school. Get info about trade apprenticeships, earning a degree, joining the military or finding work.


Aid and scholarships

Money bag The Financial Aid and Scholarships page provides links and resources to assist in paying for college and career training.


Community resources

  • Basic needs
  • Mental health / counseling
  • Family resources
  • Resource list

Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP)


The Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) assessment measures the extent to which students are meeting the Alaska English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards. These standards were adopted in 2012. The AMP assessment is administered toward the spring of each year to all students in grades 3-10.


Career and College Readiness Assessments (ACT, SAT and WorkKeys)


The ACT, SAT and WorkKeys are career and college readiness assessments. Students who seek a diploma are required to participate in one of the career and college readiness assessments. The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development will provide funding for the fee of the administration for each secondary student within two years of the student's expected graduation.

ACT link
SAT link

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