• Homeschool Co-Ops


    What Is It?

    In general, a co-op is a parent lead group that comes together to find ways to teach a small group of students. Co-ops can take on many forms and styles.  It is up to the group to identify how they want to approach the tasks so that everyone involved has a clear understanding of how the co-op will function.  Space is always one of the biggest factors.  Some co-ops happen in the home; however, co-ops can occur in common spaces in the community.  It will be up to the co-op to find a location that works best for the families.


    How Can PAIDEIA Help?

    Families who are enrolled in Anchorage PAIDEIA Cooperative School will have access to an advisory teacher who can answer questions families may have about starting up a co-op.  The advisory teacher can help with curriculum questions, standards, schedules, and activities that might assist.  It may be helpful to have the co-op families plan an teacher advisory meeting with all the interested families involved (at once).  This can help with questions and proper planning on the curriculum side.


    More Info on Co-Ops