• Dental Assisting

    Dentists depend on their dental assistants to be knowledgeable, anticipate their needs, and assist in providing quality care for their patients. 


    Study Plan


    Please note:  The student must continue taking and financing all remaining required courses for the certificate after high school graduation.


    UAA Dental Certificate/Degree:  Undergraduate certificate (31 credits) and associate of science degree (60 credits) with certification testing after completion of the program. Students will take 1-2 college courses per semester and are predetermined by UAA and ASD.   

  • College Courses: Courses below must be taken in the order listed below unless noted otherwise.

    • UNIV A150 Strategies for College Success 
    • DA A101 Essentials of Dentistry 
    • DA A102 Infection Control in Dentistry 
    • DA A103 Dental Auxiliary Professions 
    • DA A110 Dental Radiography Lab
    • DA A110l Dental Radiography Lab 
    • DA A130 Chairside Techniques  
    • DA A195 Clinical Practicum


    College General Education Courses: These courses are taken when the student's schedule allows and must not exceed two college courses per semester.  

  • AMCS Courses: The specific program courses are taken at King Tech High School when students are not attending their college courses. Students enroll in these courses when appropriate. See the description below.

    • Advisory class (mandatory college transition course in the program's first semester). 
    • Junior seminar (college and career exploration and planning) is taken during the junior's spring semester in the program. 
    • Senior seminar (college applications, scholarships, essays, and financial aid) is taken during the fall or spring semester of the senior school year. 


     High School Courses: Students register for three am or pm courses at the student's home high school each semester.



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