• Medical Assisting

    Medical assistants are healthcare professionals who assist term providers in clinics and medical offices. They may show patients to the exam room, take vital signs and check their height and weight. Medical assistants will ask about symptoms and health concerns and pass that information on to the term provider.



    Study Plan


    Please note:  The student must continue taking and financing all remaining required courses for the certificate after high school graduation.


    UAA Medical Assisting Degree:  Associate of Science degree (60 credits) with certification testing after completion of the program. Students will take 1-2 college courses per semester and are predetermined by UAA and ASD.   

    • College CoursesCourses below must be taken in the order listed below unless noted otherwise.

      • UNIV A150 Strategies for College Success 
      • MA A101 Medical Terminology
      • BIOL A100 Human Biology 
      • WRTG A111 Writing Across Contexts
      • MA A104 Essentials of Human Disease
      • COMM A111 Introduction to Communications
      • MA A120 Administrative Procedures
      • MA A220 Coding for the Medical Office


      College General Education Courses: These courses are taken alongside the medical assisting courses since this is an associate degree and requires 15 credits.

  • AMCS Courses: The specific program courses are taken at King Tech High School when students are not attending their college courses. Students enroll in these courses when appropriate. See the description below.

    • Advisory class (mandatory college transition course in the program's first semester). 
    • Junior seminar (college and career exploration and planning) is taken during the junior's spring semester in the program. 
    • Senior seminar (college applications, scholarships, essays, and financial aid) is taken during the fall or spring semester of the senior school year. 


     High School Courses: Students register for three am or pm courses at the student's home high school each semester.