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    Winterberry Parent Guild's October fundraising campaign grows Winterberry's Waldorf expertise by funding teacher training.


    Winterberry Grows Great Teachers

    Winterberry classrooms are led by freshly inspired teachers who tailor traditional “whole child” Waldorf methods and curriculum to the specific needs of the class. All teachers must be certified to teach in the State of Alaska. Additionally, Winterberry teachers pursue specialized Waldorf training to offer the holistic education that allows children to flourish in accord with natural timelines of the developing child.


    Typically, Waldorf teachers remain with the same class from Grades 1-8. Relationship and security form the basis for an education steeped in beauty, reverence and the wonders of the natural world. Winterberry teachers allow for the gentle unfolding of childhood and feed an innate love of learning through connection, presence, play and storytelling.


    Waldorf Expertise

    Since 2005, our school community has made a strong commitment to fund continuing professional development and Waldorf training/certification for our teachers – through annual fundraisers organized by Winterberry Parent Guild (WPG). Thus, faculty consist of a rare bounty of teachers with advanced expertise who cultivate rich classroom experiences every day.

    Many of our dedicated faculty pursue multi-year programs, specialty training, Waldorf certification or master’s degrees earned mainly through Antioch University, Rudolf Steiner College, Sunbridge Institute, Gradalis, Sebastopol Independent Charter School, and through professional conferences of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.


    Weekly Enrichment

    Every Thursday, students enjoy early release at 12:30 pm. Faculty and staff stay for an afternoon of professional enrichment – to collaborate, explore Waldorf methods and cultivate collegiality. School families provide lunch for these weekly all-staff gatherings. Winterberry teachers say they're "well fed" in various ways.


    Work at Winterberry

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