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  • The ASD Virtual Program is a self-paced, K-12 online program that empowers students to learn in a digital environment, supported by virtual teachers, and aligned to national learning standards. It is designed for families as an at-home option while maintaining a connection to their neighborhood/choice school.



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  • Is ASDV the right choice for you?

    Students choosing to participate in online courses should first examine their personal skills and aptitudes for taking a class online.  The following attributes will greatly contribute to a student's success:: 

  • ASD Virtual is a self-paced program. Students are provided with a suggested weekly schedule based on cascading due dates. If a student falls behind, it may affect a student's ability to complete the course on time and/or be eligible to participate in neighborhood/choice school activities. Students can work ahead and finish courses early.

Elementary Curriculum

  • Elementary Curriculum through ASD Virtual Program utilizes the following learning platforms supported by ASD virtual teachers. Courses use a variety of e-textbooks, interactive websites, and project-based learning.



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Grade 6-12 Curriculum

  • ASD Virtual (ASDV) offers a full range of core academics, including honors and Advanced Placement (AP) levels, plus extensive high-interest elective/career and technical education (CTE) course offerings to both middle and high school students.


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Social Emotional Learning

  • Suite360 provides an immersive content experience that can be tailored to districts and individual schools while drawing on nationally recognized best practices.




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  • Schedule an appointment for you and your parent/guardian with your guidance counselor or the person at your school who registers students for ASD Virtual classes.