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  • The ASD Virtual Program provides a self-paced, K-12 online curriculum designed for families as an at-home option while maintaining a connection to their neighborhood/choice school.


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    The decision about which courses to take online is an important one. The class and grade students receive go on your permanent school transcript, just like in-person courses. Ask yourself these questions and discuss your options with your parents/guardians and counselor before you decide what course(s) you want to take:

    • Is the course content something that interests you?
    • How will you balance the approximately 1-2 hours a day per course to work on assignments with your other commitments and life in general? 
    • Where do you want to work on your course — in the school Cyber Center or from a distance?
    • How many online courses will you take? 
    • Are there course prerequisites? If so, have you met them?
    • Do you have the technology required?
    • Are you a responsible learner and willing to reachout to teachers and other students?
    • Do you have any special needs that require adaptive technology to take the class online?

    Schedule an appointment for you and your parent/guardian with your guidance counselor, or the person at your school who registers students for ASD Virtual classes. 


    The Secondary Course Contract is something that students and parents can print, complete, and present to your school requesting your enrollment in an ASDV online course. 


    Students should expect and be able to spend 5 -10 hours a week per course.

Elementary Curriculum

  • Elementary Curriculum through ASD Virtual Program utilizes the following learning platforms supported by ASD virtual teachers. Courses use a variety of e-textbooks, interactive websites, and project-based learning.



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Grade 6-12 Curriculum

  • ASD Virtual (ASDV) offers a full range of core academics, including honors and Advanced Placement (AP) levels, plus extensive high-interest elective/career and technical education (CTE) course offerings to both middle and high school students.


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Social Emotional Learning

  • Suite360 provides an immersive content experience that can be tailored to districts and individual schools while drawing on nationally recognized best practices.




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Additional Questions?

Please contact your neighborhood school or school of choice for additional information.