Athletic Eligibility

  • High School and Beyond

    It is recommended that student athletes closely follow the pacing guides for their online classes and keep up to date on their assignment submissions.  


    ASD Athletic Eligibility: 

    Online course grades are reported via Q and are included when calculating a GPA for ASD athletic eligibility. 


    NCAA Eligibility 

    The NCAA sets the standards for college-bound student-athletes who want to participate in any of the twenty-three sports at Division I and Division II colleges and universities.

    Most AKChoice Virtual courses are NCAA approved. Please confirm a course's NCAA status on this website - NCAA Approved Courses or check the ASD High School Program of Studies 2023-2024. 


    NCAA Criteria in a Non-traditional Class

    Student athletes aiming for NCAA level play should take and complete online classes(non-traditional) in a manner consistent with NCAA guidelines. The ASD Professional School Counseling page contains more information re: NCAA eligiblity. 

    Here are some highlights to keep in mind:

    • An online class must be completed in no less than six(6) and no more than 18 weeks (a semester).
    • Students must complete a class in its entirety and may not test out of any portion of the class.
    • Students may not take numerous courses in the same subject area nor sequential courses simultaneously.