Withdrawal Policy

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    AKChoice Virtual establishes high expectations for student success. To support student success and maintain instructional progress, students are required to submit assignments in their course on a weekly basis and to maintain regular contact with their instructors.


    • Students have the option to drop an online class within the first 10 days after initial enrollment.  To drop within this grace period will result in no grade penalty. 
    • If a student does not login and begin the class 10 days from enrollment, he/she will be dropped for no grade penalty.
    • After the initial 10 day grace period, any student who does not make progress in the course for a period of 14 days without prior arrangements with the instructor will be contacted in order to attempt to reconnect the student with the instructor and the course.
    • The parent will also be contacted if the student does not make progress in the course for a period of 14 days without prior arrangement with the instructor.
    • Failure to respond to attempts to contact the student and parent, or failure to make regular progress in the course may result in withdrawal from the course with a withdraw failing (W/F) grade.


    Student Agreement: Students are expected to agree to the following as part of the registration process.

    I acknowledge that during the first 10 school days(4 weeks) of being activated in an online course I may drop the course without penalty. I understand that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis may result in my removal from the course and may result in a failing grade being assigned to my academic transcript. If I drop the course after the drop deadline, I understand that I may receive a withdraw (W/F) failing grade on my transcript.