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    The Anchorage School District uses an app called SORA to provide access to ebooks and e-audiobooks. Students can use SORA on a desktop/laptop in an Internet browser, or on a mobile device by downloading the app from the App Store for that device. If you have a Kindle, you can connect your Amazon account to your SORA account and the titles will transfer to your Kindle.


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    The public library, through the municipality of Anchorage, uses an app called Libby to provide access to ebooks and e-audiobooks. Both Libby and SORA come from the same company (Overdrive). Once you start your SORA account you can add an additional library, the public library to your SORA app. However, SORA will filter out titles identified as adult; only YA and children's books will be available in SORA. To use Libby by itself, download the app. You will use your ASD Library number and PIN to set up the Libby account. More information and help is available on the Loussac Library website, scroll to the bottom of the site after clicking on the Libby icon.