• Summer Academy Course Descriptions


    CTESS - Ag & Food

    Agriculture & Natural Resource - Farm to Table

    Instructor: Katy Latico

    Description: Where does your food come from, anyway?  What happens in Anchorage if the ports shut down and most of our food can’t be delivered to us? What about in Bethel? Or in Nome? As one Inuit Elder defined it, food security is “the entire environment where pieces of puzzles fit together, and it continuously moves, but the pieces adjust to each other - and a problem comes when somebody tries to take a piece from something else and push it into that puzzle.” (Quote via Carolina Behe, Inuit Circumpolar Council.)  Let’s do a little bit of gardening together and learn about how our food affects our own health and our planet’s health or sickness.


    CTESS Arts AV

    Arts, A/V & Communications

    Instructors: Megan Henry (Session 1), Christine Duprow (Session 2)

    Session 1 Description: The Lego Movie, Box Trolls, The Missing Link, Chicken Run, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride- chances are that at some point in your lifetime you've seen a Stop Motion movie or two. Stop Motion Animation has been used for over a hundred years and has adapted with the times to persist as a current style used by animators. From designing characters and sets to sound effects and final edits, this course will take you through the entire animation process from storyboards to finishing touches. 


    Session 2 Description: Podcasts are seriously amazing and are available 24 hours a day on computers, tablets, or phones. There are millions of episodes on every topic imaginable.  Podcasts are free, mesmerizing, and easy to create, no prior experience necessary! Come join the journey to create your own podcast, from start to finish. We will explore, research, and evaluate current podcasts. Continuing the journey through brainstorming, interviewing, and searching all gateways to your future career choice!   


    CTESS Business

    Business Management

    Instructor: Melinda Dooley

    Description: Make way for the food trucks. Here comes your kitchen on wheels. Is your tasty truck idea and business skills good enough to win the Great American Food Truck Race: Alaska? Here is your chance to test your entrepreneurship skills by creating a delicious menu, generating a solid business plan, advertising, designing, constructing and competing in King Tech High 2021 food truck competition. Can you “Breakout” of the business room to earn your key to start your food truck adventure?  Find out if your “Breakout” and business skills can take the street food game to the next level so that your team can be crowned the “King Tech High School Food Truck Champions”!


    CTESS Construction

    Construction (Carpentry, Construction Electricity)

    Instructor: Jenne Baker

    Description: Students will be learning hands on about site and tool safety while working with basic carpentry tools to build small projects. The skills learned will help build the confidence needed to work with their hands outside of the class.


    CTESS Cometology

    Cosmetology (Session 1 only)

    Instructor: Normandy Hummell-Huckins

    Description: “Imperfection is Beauty.” --Marilyn Monroe.  


    Cosmetology is considered to be both an art and a science that has been practiced by all cultures dating back to the ice age. Join us this summer for an introductory look into the world of cosmetology, where you will discover the foundations of hair and skin theory. Participate in hands-on labs including shampooing, hair cutting, thermal styling and basic skin care. Get the answers to questions like, How does hair grow? Why is my skin breaking out? Learn to identify and correct common hair and scalp issues. Come have fun and explore with us.

    CTESS Culinary

    Culinary & Hospitality

    Instructor: Paulette Ditzler (Session 1) & Rebecca Jesse (Session 2)

    Description: Cook up something flavorful and fantastic with an amazing Culinary Instructor.  In five days learn exciting new culinary techniques and a knowledge of favor profile.  See what it means to be a part of a culinary team while working in an industrial kitchen. Be able to create an entire family meal with this exciting hands-on course. 


    CTESS Health Science


    Instructors: Rebecca Giacalone (Session 1), Kirsten Davis (Session 2)

    Session 1 Description: What are the three P's of first aid? 1.Preserve life 2. Prevent Deterioration 3. Promote recovery. You can learn how to do just that in this fast paced, hands on course! Do you have what it takes to assist in an emergency? You never know when a disaster may strike. Learning basic first aid techniques, such as CPR, splinting broken bones, wound care, infection control, and general knowledge of the body and its systems are valuable skills that could save a life! 


    Session 2 Description: Diseases, viruses, broken bones, and tummy aches.  We’ve all had them! Health and medicine are super interesting topics that we can all relate to.  How/why do we get sick?  What is a pathogen?  What can they do?  How are diseases spread?  How can I treat a health emergency- big or small?  How does a broken bone heal?  How do you stitch a wound?  Here’s your chance to learn more about the exciting hands-on study of medicine. 


    CTESS Human Service

    Human & Community Service

    Instructor: Evelyne Tunley

    Description: Step away from screen time and into the world of community mental health.  This fast-paced, interactive training session will introduce habit tracking, icebreakers, Zen Tangle, experiential therapeutic activities, and reflective techniques including basic breathing exercises, emotional review, simplified clinical note taking, and essential COVID-screening.  If you have ever thought about a career in the helping professions (such as counselor, psychologist, therapist), then this is your opportunity to experience a hands-on approach to supportive care.  The overarching focus will be on building an understanding of the power of kindness through positive cooperation utilizing blended repetitive immersion techniques.


    CTESS Info Tech CS

    Information Technology & Computer Science

    Instructors: Christine Duprow (Session 1), Marnie Hartill (Session 2)

    Session 1 Description: Create your own unique brand through graphics and multimedia tools.  Join us in designing your own business or brand, from top to bottom hosted on a personally created website.  Gain experience creating a logo, business name, billboard design, event posters; a full personal corporate identity and so much more. The only limit is your imagination!  


    Session 2 Description: In the next 10 years, how will we keep robots and droids from creating an army against humanity? What can we do to prepare ourselves for the increasing threat of cyberattacks and data security breaches on the global level? Will you be prepared with the skills to rise up as a leader in data analytics, word processing, and graphic design? Get tips and tricks to protect your online privacy while also learning to publish content online for your next big business campaign. Prepare yourself for the future as a warrior, defender, leader, and innovator! 


    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

    Instructor: Kraig Berg

    Description: Come and be a part of the fun and exciting world of Architectural Design and Modeling. Learn how to create amazing perspective drawings and how to create 3-D models using the wonderful 3-D modeling program Sketchup. This class is for students of all abilities from beginner to advanced.  


    CTESS Transportation

    Transportation (Automotive & Aviation)

    Instructor: Bret Bouslaugh

    Description: Do you want to be able to take care of your own vehicle? Do you want to explore the vast arena that is ‘Automotive Maintenance” in a fun and hands-on environment? If so, you’ve come to the right place – King Tech High’s Automotive Maintenance Summer Academy! We will spend time learning the basics of automotive maintenance through project based hands-on activities that will provide you a sneak peek into what our full semester course is like! 




    CTESS Welding


    Instructor: David Dobler

    Description: This class is an introduction to an exciting and lucrative career!  Students will become familiar with SMAW (stick) welding.  They will also learn the importance of good planning, preparation, and practice. Safety is a priority in this class and will be taken very seriously.  Whether a student is interested in metal art, engineering, or project construction this class will provide an excellent introduction to the world of welding and metal fabrication.