• Barbara Emery & Normandy Huckins - Instructors

    Ms. Huckins has a hairdresser’s and an instructor’s license, and a Type M teaching certificate. She is also a current Trendsetters instructor and has won product sales awards at Trendsetters.


    Grade level 11-12. May be taken 3 times with a grade of "B" or better to advance. $50 lab fee.‌ AM and PM sessions offered


    Why take this course?

    • Express your creativity by designing and performing skilled beauty services using professional salon tools and products
    • Work alongside professionals to explore all aspects of quality salon services and management while earning hours for professional licensure
    • Find your career focus: prepare for your state license, immediate employment, advanced certifications, and further education


    Cosmetology Cosmetology is a job-oriented course of instruction with all hours accumulated toward the 1,650 hours required for Alaska state licensing. The hours and operations earned are transferable within Alaska.


    Students begin with a focus on basic skills: sanitation, manicures, pedicures, perms and hair cuts. Second semester students are taught men's cutting, advanced layering, haircolor, waxing and wet styling. All of the hours of attendance are counted and can be used toward earning a cosmetology license.


    Credits and Certifications

    Cosmetology 1- .5 PE/Health and 1.0 Elective

    Cosmetology 2- .5 Science Elective and 1.0 Elective

    Cosmetology 3- 1.5 Elective 

    12 hr. manicure license

    Hours count toward Alaska state license


    The Career Tree strategy and classroom tool is a game-changing approach to spark student dialogue about what's possible in their careers and how to get there. King Tech uses this tool to help ensure a positive outcome and make a difference for students and community.

    Cosmetology career tree