• Gregory Parret - Instructor


    Grade level 11-12. May be taken 2 times only.

    Requires a “B” or better and fewer than 10 absences to advance.


    Why take this course?

    • Explore entry into a highly technical field
    • Find work across trades like weld inspection, welding engineering, robotic welding
    • Completion of this course opens doors to direct entry into union apprenticeship


    Welding provides training in the fundamentals of welding processes used to fabricate metal. Instruction is given in the areas of oxy-fuel cutting (OFC), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), MIG and TIG welding, blueprint reading, fabrication of weldments, welding symbols, plus experience using a plasma arc cutter, grinder, drill, arc welding machines, and other shop-related equipment.


    Second semester students learn advanced fabrication and welding along with aluminum welding using the GTAW and GMAW processes. Student assignments will require the use of all the various welding skills learned during the first semester and these advanced projects are to be completed using accepted fabrication and welding industry standards. Possible recommendation to trade union apprenticeships can be earned.


    Safety glasses, leather boots, and gloves are required. Welding helmets and cutting goggles are supplied.


    Credits and Certifications

    1.5 Elective

     Horizontal Filet Weld (2F)

    Vertical Filet Weld (3F)

    Apprenticeship program

    College credits available


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  • Welding