Aviation Maintenance Technology

  • Timothy Rogers-Instructor

    Timothy Rogers, A&P FAA Certificated Aircraft Maintenance Technician with Inspection Authorization(IA). Mr. Rogers has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from SDSU. His background includes current and past Civil military aviation experience. Worked Part 121 and Part 135 Air Carrier Aircraft.

    Grade level 11-12. May be taken 4 times with “C” or better grade to advance. AM and PM sessions offered

    This is a 4-semester program taught at the University of Alaska Aviation Complex at Merrill Field. Different subject matter is covered each semester. Students can earn college credits.


    Why take this course?

    • Take a step into the exciting world of aviation. The focus is on maintenance but all of the possibilities in the aviation world are introduced and explained
    • Do you crave fast-paced and exciting work? Aviation is that and more
    • Aviation professionals are drug-free, sharp, and safety-conscious
    • Opportunities are limitless in Alaska's aviation industry


    Credits and Certifications

    SnapOn Multimeter Certification

    AMT students learn repair and maintenance of aircraft in 4 subject areas: welding, bonded structures, sheet metal, and engine theory. Additionally, students will learn about aircraft hardware and lock wire as well as basic aerodynamics or how aircraft fly.
    Students must purchase leather gloves for welding class. All other supplied safety equipment use is mandatory. 


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    Aviation Maintenance Technology Career Tree


  • Aviation Maintenance Technology