Film, Audio and Video Production


    Jeremy Blake - Instructor


    Grade level 11-12. May be taken 2 times with a grade of "C" or better to advance, and teacher interview. AM and PM sessions offered


    Why take this course?

    • Create new and exciting content in a fast-paced environment
    • Use the same equipment as industry professionals to produce, shoot, and edit videos and movies
    • Practice teamwork and collaborative skills to enhance production value


    The Film, Audio & Video Production class offers all the skills and knowledge you need to launch a successful career in film, radio, video or television. Students complete radio, film and video projects while learning to work as part of a production team. The curriculum includes individual and multidisciplinary assignments geared to developing both creative and technical proficiency. Large studios and modern production equipment support these goals, enabling students to produce high-quality work. A comprehensive and balanced approach to study includes opportunities to produce, write, direct, shoot and edit on numerous projects. There’s a strong commitment to postproduction, and students gain practical experience on a variety of video and audio workstations.


    All classes begin with writing assignments and continue with more writing, reading and oral presentations in front of a camera or microphone.


    To earn the .5 credit of English students will be expected to do outside reporting, internet research and writing assignments. Because writing and reading are an integral part of this class, all assignments are directly related to the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards.


    Students should be prepared to read and write on various technical and related media assignments.


    Credits and Certifications

    .5 English, 1.0 Elective

    Adobe Premiere Pro Editing


     The Career Tree strategy and classroom tool is a game-changing approach to spark student dialogue about what's possible in their careers and how to get there. King Tech uses this tool to help ensure a positive outcome and make a difference for students and community.


    Film, Audio & Video Production career tree





  • Film, Audio and Video Production