• Certified Nurses Aide

    Certified Nurses Aide provides direct care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. 

    The course is available to seniors only and has an out-of-pocket expense of approximately $100.

      • Basic Life Support Certification - approx. $60 (paid before enrolling in the BLS course)
      • Scrubs - approx. $30 (paid after being accepted into the course)


  • UAA CNA Program

    The CNA program offers one course that, upon passing the course, qualifies you to sit for the state certification test. Students will enroll in the UAA college course below and three high school courses at their home high school.

    HCA A105 Certified Nursing Assisting (6-8 college credits and 1.5 high school credits)


    • 60 hours of classroom instruction
    • Additional 48 hours of clinical training at local health care facilities (self-transportation required).


  • Qualifications for CNA course

    • Must be a senior and will turn 18 by June 30
    • Maintains a 2.5 GPA or higher
    • On track to graduate in May
    • Good attendance record
    • No discipline reports
    • Placement into UAA WRTG A110 or MATH A055 (ALEKS score 17-29)
    • Basic Life Support Certified (CPR with basic cardiovascular life support skills)
    • Copy of immunization record and COVID vaccination(s) on file