• Placement Testing

    Step 2: 

    Math Placement Instructions

    • Have you shared your UAA ID number with KimGriffis?  See step 1.


    • Set your UAA password. 
      • Once you receive your UAA ID number and username, you must set up your account and password. If this process does not work or you encounter problems, contact the UAA IT Help Desk at 907-786-4646.    

        1. Visit me.uaa.alaska.edu.  
        2. Choose Option 3 to find your username and ID number.   
        3. Enter your birth date, last name, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.  
        4. Provide at least five pieces of information from the provided options. Then click "Confirm."  
        5. Choose your desired level of account security and establish three security questions. Click "OK."   
        6. Your username and ID number will be displayed on the left side of the page.    
        7. Set your password on the right side of the page.    
        8. Wait at least 5 minutes before logging into UAOnline.      


    • Now you are ready to register to take the UAA Math Placement.  UAA uses ALEKS to determine where your skills place you in their math courses.  You are allowed to take this test four times.  However, data shows that students do better the first time if they study before taking the test.  The ALEKS test must be taken at KTHS from 3-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




    Writing Sample Instructions:  

    Completing the writing sample will take two hours and can be done remotely.  Once you have completed it, the writing faculty at UAA will assess your sample and determine which writing class is right for you. If you would like this option, you can do the following:  


    1. Log into the UAA Student Success Writing Sample using your UA username and password
    2. Read the instructions for preparing, submitting, and completing the Writing Sample.   
    3. Following the instructions, click “Click here to begin your Writing Sample.”
    4. Your Writing Sample result will be sent to you via email within two-three business days.   
    5. Email Kim Griffis (griffis_kimberly@asdk12.org) you submitted your writing sample.   


    Having trouble completing the writing sample, schedule a testing appointment link above(above) with Kim Griffis.


    Students prequalify for the CNA class with one of the following UAA placement test scores:

    • Math - ALEKS ≥ 17 or higher
    • Writing – Writing Sample recommendation for WRTG A110 or Accuplacer ≥ 450 or Writing Sample placement

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