• As a faculty, we believe that students should take full advantage of the rich and varied curricular offerings that will be available at South Anchorage High School (SAHS). Teachers, counselors, and administrators desire to work as partners with you and your parents to help plan a course of study that will truly reflect your educational needs and desires. Certainly, ASD graduation requirements are major components in the plans for all students; however, student interests and post-high school plans should also be considered.



    SAHS Counselors are available to assist students in their course selections and career and educational planning. They play a major role each year with students as they select classes for the following year. This year, students will be assigned to counselors by their last names. Those assignments will be communicated to students by the fall registration. We encourage each student and their parent/s to get to know their counselor early so they can form a strong relationship that will serve the student well for their stay at SAHS. To minimize out of class time, we encourage students to see their counselors before and after school, or during lunch. Students also may complete a “Request to See Counselor” form at these same times. Once counselors receive these requests, they will send for students in a timely manner.


    Daily Schedule

    The SAHS schedule is a modified block schedule. A six-period schedule will be in place on Mondays and Fridays; classes will be limited to four time blocks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The block schedule for the middle of the week will be set so that morning classes always meet in the morning and afternoon classes always meet in the afternoon. In addition, students will meet two of the three days in each of their classes during the mid-week block schedule. The benefits of this schedule are numerous; not the least of which is that teachers will be allowed to do more creative, group-related activities and projects during the longer periods and will be able to give more individualized time to their students.



    All classes are graded on a semester basis. The grades assigned at the end of the first and second semesters will be the final grades for those classes and the grades that will be posted to student transcripts. First and third quarter grades serve as progress reports, although those grades do count toward interscholastic activity eligibility. Parents are encouraged to check Q  to review their students’ progress. Any concerns over grades should be initially dealt with by the teacher, student and the student’s parent/guardian. If a concern cannot be resolved at that level, it should be addressed by the Curriculum Assistant Principal.


    Schedule Changes

    During the first ten (10) days of a semester, schedule changes can be made for reasons determined by the SAHS Administration and Counseling Department. Those reasons include a student not meeting a course’s prerequisites, a class being cancelled because too few students signed up for it, a new elective class being opened, a student needing to repeat a class, or, through an early assessment, it being determined that a student would be more appropriately placed in another class (this mostly applies to math classes). All schedule changes that occur during this period of time must be approved by the Curriculum Assistant Principal, or by his/her designee.