• Activity Stickers

    Students may purchase an Activity Sticker during fall registration or through the School Activities Office. These stickers provide significant savings to students on admittance to home athletic contests.


    After-School Activities

    The only students who are authorized to be in the school after 2:15 p.m. each day are those who participate in activities which are sponsored and monitored by school staff. These activities include interscholastic sports, intramurals, school clubs, student government activities, after-school tutoring, and monitored disciplinary sanctions.


    Clubs and Organizations

    To establish a club, at least seven (7) students must express interest. In addition, a faculty member must be willing to serve as a sponsor for the club or organization. A constitution which states the name and purpose of the club must also be created. The constitution must be approved by the Activities Assistant Principal.



    South Anchorage High School dances will be held from 8 to 11 p.m.  Prom may be scheduled to midnight. The dances are for SAHS students, although guest passes may be arranged prior to a dance through the Activities Office. Criteria for guest passes will be developed by SAHS Administration, with input from Student Government, and communicated to the student body during the school year.


    Team Selection

    Coaches determine the athletes who will be on varsity and junior varsity teams. In some cases, cuts to interscholastic teams need to be made. ASAA requirements and coaches will determine how many athletes will be on each team. It is expected that coaches will develop and use clear criteria for judging the abilities, skills, and attitudes that will lead to an athlete being selected for a team.