• By working together as a team and supporting the guidelines of the Student Handbook, the staff and administrators will do their best to maintain a safe and secure educational environment for all those who enter SAHS. Clear, positive, and consistent decorum expectations are set and communicated. The expectation of students respecting themselves, their fellow students, and the staff, as well as giving their best effort in school will be consistently promoted. When students behave inappropriately, discipline will be progressive and consistent with the District’s policies and procedures that govern student discipline.


    After School Restrictions

    Students are to vacate the building promptly after the school day ends, unless they are in an adult-supervised activity. When those activities end, the students must leave the building as soon as possible. Students who are waiting for transportation are to wait at the front door or at the gym-entrance doors. Students who do not comply with these restrictions will be subject to disciplinary action.



    Cheating is an attempt to obtain credit on an assignment or test dishonestly, through fraud or deception, for oneself or for another. Plagiarism is the attempt to present the work of another person as one’s own, either by failure to give credit to a source of information, or by submitting another person’s work as one’s own. Any student who knowingly assists another student in unfairly obtaining credit will also be guilty of cheating or plagiarism. Students found to be cheating/plagiarizing will be subject to school discipline and/or a zero on the work.


    Computer Use

    SAHS is highly networked with many computers available for student use. It is expected that students will use computers during class time for academic work only. E-mail will not be used during class time unless for a specific academic purpose with prior permission of the teacher. Students may not use the internet or access e-mail without having a signed Student Agreement on file. Students are reminded that all files saved on the district computers may be reviewed by network administrators at any time. A limited number of computers may be made available at lunch for student use with specific restrictions designated by the immediate supervisor. No food or drink is permitted around computers. District guidelines are reviewed in Section II of this handbook.


    Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Students

    Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Students are not to be in the school building or on the campus during class periods when they are not enrolled in a class at this school. If they must wait a few minutes they must be on the bench outside the attendance office. Students who arrive a few minutes early for their first class must wait on the bench until the dismissal bell rings for the preceding class. Students who have early dismissal after lunch may eat lunch at school, but must leave campus prior to the bell for the next class. King Tech  students who arrive prior to fourth period must wait on the bench outside the attendance office. In emergencies or unusual circumstances, a student may request administrative consent to sit on the bench for longer periods of time; however, such permission will not be granted as a regular privilege.  In all cases, once students arrive at school, their attendance must be continuous. As a result, students may take 1st or 6th period off if on single late arrival/early dismissal. Students may take the following combinations if on double late arrival/early dismissal: 1st and 2nd, 1st and 6th, or 5th and 6th periods. 


    Electronic Devices

    The administration of South Anchorage High School suggests that students do not bring electronic devices to school, as the school cannot be responsible for the loss or theft of these items.  Students are also responsible for the security of their cell phone, and are expected to follow appropriate use guidelines. The basic expectation is that students using a cell phone in class will do so at the discretion of their teacher. Further, that use will be for a curricular purpose that aids in learning and does not distract from it.


    Hall Passes

    To assist in maintaining a positive, healthy environment, we ask that all students obtain a Hall Pass from a staff member before entering the hallways. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a pass from the teacher prior to leaving the room. A student who is found “In The Hall Without A Pass” may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to detention, Thursday School, etc.


    Identification Cards

    Each SAHS student will be issued an identification card free of charge at the beginning of the school year. Your identification card will be required for admittance to school dances, at school activities, and to check out library books. Lost identification cards may be replaced for a cost that will be determined by the Activities Department.



    The use of a school-assigned locker at SAHS is a privilege. Each student will be directly assigned a locker at the start of the school year. For security purposes, we request that students secure their locker combination, and do not share it with others. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items from lockers.

    The following guidelines apply to all students and violations may result in detention or work detail or the loss of the locker privilege:

    Use only the locker assigned to you

    Do not write or apply anything permanent to the surface of your locker

    You are responsible to remove any writings/markings on your locker

    Do not share your locker combination with anyone

    Be aware that lockers are subject to random searches at any time

    Students who do not empty/clean out their locker on the designated day will be issued a cleaning fee


    Lost and Found

    Items that are found should be taken to the Front Office immediately. The use or distribution of items that are found will be considered theft and sanctioned accordingly. If an item is not claimed within thirty (30) days of its being turned in, it may be disposed of or given to a charitable organization.


    School Grounds and Surrounding Neighbor-hoods

    At SAHS, we find it important to behave as a productive member of our school building and surrounding community. We ask that the students assist in maintaining the grounds by discarding of waste materials appropriately, and respecting the surrounding natural community and neighborhood. Students should use the pedestrian trails when traveling across the campus. In addition, the only available pedestrian access routes are found at Stargazer Circle, Eastwind Drive, Leyden Drive and the main access points on the East. It is equally important to respect the privacy and environment of the adjacent communities. Students should not congregate around the access points or areas that would affect local neighborhoods and their residents. Students will be expected to be proactive in keeping South Anchorage High School and its grounds free of garbage and debris.



    Students are expected to be to class on time. A warning bell will be provided prior to the final bell for each period.  It is important to an individual’s education and for the education of the entire classroom that each student arrives on time. Excessive tardiness may result in a teacher’s referral to the discipline office.



    Truancy is defined as an absence from class or school without prior knowledge or consent of the parent or school personnel. A student should receive a zero (0) for any class work missed or due on the day of the truancy. In addition, when a truancy is confirmed, parents of truant student will be contacted by the school. Sanctions for truancy are progressive.



    Parents/guardians are welcome at SAHS, as are other adults who have legitimate school business. All visitors must check in with the front desk upon entering the building. Students from other high schools or school-aged students who are out of school are not permitted to enter the school during regular school hours unless accompanied by an adult. Those students and adults who come to the school for a specific after school activity should confine themselves to the specific activity area.


    Student Messages

    Only emergency messages from parents/guardians will be taken to students during class time. Every effort will be made to page students to the Main Office during passing times, or at lunch to relay non-emergency messages or to pick up items from home dropped off at the school (e.g. books, school projects, lunches etc.).


    Dress Code Policy

    SAHS acknowledges that a correlation exists between good grooming, personal attire, and student achievement. A similar relationship exists between student dress and acceptable standards of conduct. The dress code is designed to allow for student comfort while maintaining an environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the educational setting.  Student attire is primarily a matter of personal preference and family guidelines. However, students' dress may not be disruptive, unsafe, obscene or promote alcohol, drug or gang involvement. Dress that is disruptive to the educational process is not permitted. Students whose style of dress is inappropriate for school will be subject to progressive discipline.

    The general dress code policy requirements are outlined in the ASD High School Student Handbook. The Principal or the Principal’s designee has the final authority for interpreting whether a student’s apparel conforms to the dress code. When it is determined that a student’s clothing does not comply with the dress code, a parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school. In addition, the student may also receive progressive disciplinary consequences for violating the school’s dress code policy.

    The following list is to serve as a guide, and is not intended to be all-inclusive.

    Recognizing these relationships, the following clothing items will not be worn in school by students:

    All tight or form fitting skirts or dresses, regardless of length

    ALL skirts, dresses, and shorts must be within at least 2 inches of the knee

    Low cut or clothing having to constantly be adjusted to meet dress code

    Tank, tube, or halter tops

    Strapless dresses and backless dresses; tops and dresses must have two straps, no spaghetti straps

    Apparel that exposes the mid-section or body below the armpits

    Pants or shorts worn below the intended waistline

    Any article or apparel which displays obscene words, pictures, or designs

    Any article that conveys a sexually suggestive remark, a pro-alcohol message, a tobacco and/or drug related message

    Jewelry or accessories that may be used as a weapon

    Slippers, and/or bare feet at any time


    If an item is deemed inappropriate, the student will be referred to the student services office and denied entrance to class until the situation is rectified.