• Lockers

    The use of a school-assigned locker at SAHS is a privilege. Each student will be directly assigned a locker at the start of the school year. For security purposes, we request that students secure their locker combination, and do not share it with others. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items from lockers.


    The following guidelines apply to all students and violations may result in detention or work detail or the loss of the locker privilege:

    • Use only the locker assigned to you
    • Do not write or apply anything permanent to the surface of your locker
    • You are responsible for removing any writings/markings on your locker
    • Do not share your locker combination with anyone
    • Be aware that lockers are subject to random searches at any time
    • Students who do not empty/clean out their locker on the designated day will be issued a cleaning fee