• Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Students

    Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Students are not to be in the school building or on the campus during class periods when they are not enrolled in a class at this school. If they must wait a few minutes, they must be on the bench outside the attendance office.


    Students who arrive a few minutes early for their first class must wait on the bench outside the attendance office until the dismissal bell rings for the preceding class.


    Students who have early dismissal after lunch may eat lunch at school, but must leave campus prior to the bell for the next class.


    King Tech students who arrive prior to fourth period must wait on the bench outside the attendance office.


    In emergencies or unusual circumstances, a student may request administrative consent to sit on the bench for longer periods of time; however, such permission will not be granted as a regular privilege.


    In all cases, once students arrive at school, their attendance must be continuous. As a result, students may take 1st or 6th period off if on single late arrival/early dismissal. Students may take the following combinations if on double late arrival/early dismissal: 1st and 2nd, 1st and 6th, or 5th and 6th periods.