• David Dobler - Instructor

    Grade level 11 and 12. PM session only


    Why take this course?

    • You have a desire to work in the construction, electricity, welding, manufacturing, or drafting trades
    • You have great design ideas for machines and structures and want to learn how to build them using CAD software
    • You have an interest in robots and want to design, construct, and program them


    CAD for Construction gives students the opportunity to design and build their own structures and machines.
    Semester 1 – Introduction to CAD, drafting, 3-D modeling and printing, blueprints, engineering, manufacturing, robotics
    Semester 2 – Emphasis on civil engineering, surveying, architecture with additional CAD, manufacturing, robotics, code adherence, BIM
    Semester 3 – Individual projects collaboring with the construction trades, CAD certifications, competition preparations, OJT, internships


    Credits and certifications

    1.0 Physical science

    .5 Elective


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