Volume 1

Beginning with this email, and each following Monday, I will be sending our weekly bulletin to parents as an attachment and also as a linked document. I hope this will provide you with key information about upcoming events, deadlines, and other relevant information. In addition, I will attempt to provide details about ongoing initiatives of which parents should be aware.

With that, our next big event is Homecoming on September 21st. We are looking forward to a fun and safe event. Several event details follow: 

  • Royalty will be announced this Friday, September 13th.
  • Next week is a spirit week. Students will be encouraged to dress up based on themed days, and participate in games at lunch with the chance to win a free ticket to the dance.
  • Tickets to the Homecoming Dance will be on sale starting next Monday, September 16th: $15 per single or $25 per couple.
  • We will not be issuing guest passes to the Homecoming Dance.
  • The dance starts at 8 pm and ends at 11 pm. All students will need to be in the doors by 9:30 pm at the latest.
  • Dress for the dance should be school appropriate. Ladies' dresses should fall to at least mid-thigh and gentlemen should wear a collared shirt and slacks at a minimum.
  • On September 21st: JV Football plays Service at 10 am, Varsity Flag Football plays Bartlett at 1 pm, and Varsity Football plays Service at 3 pm. Wear your black and gold and join us in supporting our student-athletes who have had a very successful start to their seasons. 

I'll leave you with a quote I shared with staff on our first day back, which highlights the need to make sure we are connecting with one another and giving our students the best chance to fulfill their potentials:

"The activity that is most essential is connecting a well-formulated vision to the actions of each individual, connecting individuals to each other, and in the process transforming a collection of individuals into a real community.”