Volume 2

Good morning South Parents and Staff,

Here is the link to the Weekly Bulletin for September 16-20 (also attached)

Homecoming Reminders:

It's Homecoming Week at South! Tickets for the Homecoming Dance will be on sale all week at lunch and the dance will be held from 8-11 pm. Students must be in the dance no later than 9:30 pm and Court will be announced at 10:15 pm. We will hold a Homecoming Assembly at the end of the school day on Friday (schedule below). The football games on Saturday start with JV Football at 10 am, Varsity Flag Football at 1 pm, and Varsity Football at 3 pm. Below you will also find the spirit days. All students and staff are encouraged to follow each day's theme. 

  • Monday: Marvelous Moonday: (Wear White)
  • Tuesday: Twinkling Tuesday: (Sparkles and Bright colors)
  • Wednesday: World Wide Wednesday: (Cultures and Places)
  • Thursday: ET Day: (Aliens and Space Creatures)
  • Friday: Black and Gold Day

Assembly Bell Schedule

1st: 7:30-8:15
2nd: 8:21-9:06
3rd: 9:12-9:57

Lunch 9:57-10:42

4th: 10:42-11:27
5th: 11:33-12:18
6th: 12:24-1:04
Homecoming Assembly 1:10-2:00

Stay Organized & Be Prepared:

Life gets busy, and it is important for all students to keep track of their homework and other deadlines throughout the week. One way of doing so is to keep a Bullet Journal, which can be done with any kind of notebook a student chooses. Here is a brief video outlining how to set one up. Students should also make sure they have the needed supplies for their classes. In most cases, this means notebooks, pens/pencils, binders and folders. 

Attendance Counts!

One of the single biggest predictors of student learning and success, including how many years of college they complete, is how frequently students attend school. Although an absence or tardy here or there may not seem significant, minutes and days add up quickly and result in lost opportunities to learn.

We encourage all students to be at school everyday in order to maximize their opportunities to learn and prepare for their endeavors after high school. The following visual display of attendance provides a quick translation of how absences add up over time, and how much learning a student misses with even a moderate amount of absence from class. Our ultimate goal is for all students to attend at least 90% of the time. 

Positive Working Relationships:

As part of our effort to establish and maintain productive working relationships between teachers, students, and staff, we spent time in each class two weeks ago talking about how teachers and students would like to be treated, and how to work through conflict. Five key words or ideas came to the fore. They included:

  1. Understanding
  2. Respect
  3. Kindness
  4. Maturity
  5. The Golden Rule

The next step in the process will be writing Working Agreements using these words as a starting point. Once completed, these agreements will hang in each classroom and in our common areas as reminders of how we would like to work together. 

In the spirit of our Social Contract words above, I'll end with Robert Frost's observation that, "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."

Finally, here is a link to a Google Photo Album with three images from this Saturday's Cross Country races and Football Senior event.