Our Mission

  • The SAHS Peer Mentors are a group of motivated students focused on easing the transition of Freshmen and new students into our school. As such, we work to incorporate, inspire, recognize and support freshman, new students, and future students in order to provide them with the most successful high school experience possible. As Peer Mentors, we believe in welcoming, encouraging, connecting with, and supporting everyone who enters the South High community.

How We Help

  • Peer Mentors consists of experienced High School students; including Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. We provide personal experiences and important advice for our Freshmen to use and take advantage of. Each Freshman history class is given two of our trained mentors once a month called a “Fuel”.

    During these “Fuels” our mentors incorporate fun and essential activities. These activities include ice breakers, team building, and trust exercises. We also like to maintain strong relationships with our Freshmen throughout the year and help them with any school related or personal questions or problems they may have. This also goes for any new or incoming students of any grade, to South. We are here for anything you need!

We Believe In

  • Welcoming, encouraging, connecting with & supporting the SAHS community.

Ignite the Future

  • 2016-2017 Parent & Teacher Newsletter Available

    2016-2017  Parent & Teacher Newsletter Available

    Meet the Crew! 

    We have 33 students in our class! Our class advisor is Mrs. Williams.

    Our Senior Exec Board: 

    senior exec board

    Secretary Bella Jameson, Treasurer Kevin Lubin, President Paige Phillips,
    Historian Jonny Gribbin, and Vice President Lindsey Lonas


    Here are the names of the 2017/2018 peer mentors:

    Kylei Allen, Lindsey Lonas, Megan McCormick, Paige Phillips, EG Williams, Kevin Lubin, Ally Wayt, Bella Jameson, Carin Currier, Hayden Jones, Kalise Houchins, Jonny Gribbin, Rachel Pickel, Corinne Oberman, Rudder Romo, Ian James, Jenna Lowry, Ritchelle Albeza, Carter Burson, Jeremy Becker, Sophie Campbell, Olivia Campbell, Remington Clare, Austin DeLesline, Brielle Dagon, Greta Morley, Mckenna Marquart, Carly Martin, Abby Smith, Josh Tyra, Logan Upchurch, Amber Kraft, Carson Keaton.


    • Actively welcoming new students into the community.
    • Creating activities to help freshman stay included in school activities.
    • Hosting activities to establish trust and teamwork throughout the year.
    • Promoting class goals through the bulletin boards and announcements.
    • One on one mentoring, establishing a healthy bond with upperclassmen.

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  • We thank you for sponsoring our program!

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    • GCI
    • Ott Family
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