Our Mission

  • The SAHS Peer Mentors welcome new students and encourage involvement in school activities while fostering social connection and sharing tools for school success.

How We Help

  • Peer Mentors consists of experienced High School students; including Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. We provide personal experiences and important advice for our Freshmen to use and take advantage of. Each Freshman history class is given two of our trained mentors once a month called a “Fuel”.


    During these “Fuels” our mentors incorporate fun and essential activities. These activities include ice breakers, team building, and trust exercises. We also like to maintain strong relationships with our Freshmen throughout the year and help them with any school related or personal questions or problems they may have. This also goes for any new or incoming students of any grade, to South. We are here for anything you need!


    • Facilitate connection and service to our feeder schools and community.

    • Connect with freshmen individually and foster class cohesion.

    • Inform and update the freshmen about school information and events.

    • Encourage student participation in school spirit activities both in and out of school.

    • Develop a positive and welcoming school environment.

  • Course Overview


    Peer Mentorship is a service and leadership class experience. Through a combination of student-led and teacher-led activities and curriculum, students engage in school service and practice mentorship. Each mentor is responsible for establishing a connection between themselves and their group of freshmen whom they meet with at least once a month. 


    Students are also expected to act responsibly in and outside of the classroom and represent the school with professionalism. They have the opportunity to assist freshmen in bridging the gap between middle and high school successfully. Our class thrives on student motivation to serve others and improve our high school, and our school teachers' willingness to allow us to come into their classrooms and reach out to the freshmen during their class time. Through this course, peer mentors have the opportunity to find and develop their personal strengths as leaders, and to experience new activities and elements of high school. 

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