• Club Sponsor
    Film Analytics Todd Heuston
    Every day @ lunch H207
    German Club Frau Dick
    Thursdays @ Lunch
    GSA Amy Utley
    Every other Wed. @ Lunch H110
    Improv Club Janel Walton Mondays 2:30-4pm
    Key Club Stephanie Seward
    Mon. @ Lunch G109
    Literature Club Lidnsey Watson
    Wed. @ Lunch E107
    Model United Nation Karen Sundberg Fri. @ Lunch
    Music Therapy Club Nathan Levine
    Wednesday @ Lunch C206
    Nu Alpha Theta Neff & Foley
    Once a month Wed F108/G108
    National Honor Society Regina Dietrich
    Every other Thurs. @ Lunch Auditeria
    Partners Club Brian Sheffield
    Tues. 2 Lunch C217
    Role Play Club Lydia Frankenburger
    Tuesdays at Lunch E207
    Tea Club Lydia Frantenburger
    Every other Wed or Fri after school
    You Are Not Alone Sara Miller
    1st Wed; Last Tues. 2PM G207


    To establish a club, at least seven (7) students must express interest. In addition, a faculty member must be willing to serve as a sponsor for the club or organization. A constitution which states the name and purpose of the club must also be created. The constitution must be approved by the Activities Assistant Principal.