• South High School Clubs and Organizations 2023-2024
    Club Sponsor Purpose Schedule
    Battle of the Books Lydia Frankenburger Practice for BOB competition. Wednesdays at lunch in Library back room (begins mid Sept)
    Cafe Lit Tara Devlin Study, chill, creative writing & art. Every day lunch & Mondays/Tuesdays after school in E204
    Chess Club Kim Leary Play chess. Wednesdays/Thursdays at lunch in G108
    Creative Lore Alex Bassett A writing club. Tuesdays after school in H208
    Crochet Critters Chris Eisert Crochet for people in need. Mondays/Tuesdays/Fridays at lunch in G210
    Dungeons/Dragons & more Lydia Frankenburger Allow students to socialize and educate on storytelling, creativity, and teamwork Every day at lunch in Library
    Eco Friends Club Drew Heusinkvelt Spread awareness of the earth/global issues that humanity is facing. TBD
    Film Analytics Todd Heuston Understand the diverse film library available and use the themes and tones presented to better comprehend our world and society. Every day at lunch in H207
    Improv Club Janel Walton A way for students to practice the important and useful theatrical skills of improvisation. Mondays, 2:30-4pm, in the Auditeria (except during play rehearsals)
    Key Club Amy Utley To give students service opportunities to perform as a group. Tuesdays at lunch in H110
    Lacrosse Club Ken Hemenway To play inter/intraschool lacrosse while developing an appreciation and understanding for the native history and legacy of the game. Wednesdays after school
    Literature Club Lindsey Watson To appreciate literature in all of its forms. Activities include reading and discussing books, going into detail about literary techniques and protocols and many other things related to literature. Thursdays at lunch in H211
    Mathematical Outreach Program Neff & Foley A place for students to come together if they are interested in Mu Alpha Theta Once a month on Wednesday at lunch in F108/G108
    Native Leadership Committee Stephanie Moses   Tuesdays at lunch in F106
    Partners Club

    Colin Ely &

    Olivia Palovchik

    Integrate General Education and Special Education students to break down social barriers. Fridays at lunch in C222
    Spike Ball Club Ritchie/Hanson To get students physically involved in the sport of Spikeball, to have fun, and make new friends. Tuesdays/Thursdays at lunch in the Small Gym
    Sports Talk Club Ken Hemenway Predict sports trades, retirements, post-season. Mondays at lunch in H209
    Super Smash Bros

    Ken Hemenway &

    Greg Barta

    To create a positive community where students get together and play video games. In the future we would like to host charity-raising tournaments outside of the school as well. Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays at lunch in H209 & every day at lunch in F210, after school most days
    Worthwhile Letters Justin Somaduroff A way for individuals to connect and give back to their community by writing letters to those in nursing/assisted living homes. 1st Wednesday of the month at lunch in C205
    You Are Not Alone Sara Miller To talk and listen to people who have been getting bullied. This club also wants to go and speak to elementary schools about bullying and share stories. 1st Wednesday of the month at 2:00pm in G207 (second semester)


    To establish a club, at least seven (7) students must express interest. In addition, a faculty member must be willing to serve as a sponsor for the club or organization. A constitution which states the name and purpose of the club must also be created. The constitution must be approved by the Activities Assistant Principal.