• Parking

    Welcome to our new permitting process. Everything parking will be online this year. You will need to complete and submit the following information to obtain a permit.


    Collect the following documentation to start:

    • Current Vehicle Registration form
    • Valid Insurance form
    • Student Driver’s License


    Receipt for Payment (Purchase on Parent Connect $55.00 semester and $110 year). If you are paying with check or cash you will have to come to Student Services. Please complete all other information online.


    ASD Vehicle Registration and Parking Form printed and signed (it does not need to be witnessed or notarized). Hardcopies of the form will be available in Student Services if you are unable to print from home.


    Please Note:

    Students will go to Student Services to pick up their vehicle permit. Permit hang tags must be displayed on your rear-view mirror while on campus. If your student will be driving other family vehicles to South, it is their responsibility to move the permit hang tag.


    Parking permit form- please use this link to complete your online parking registration.