• Senior's last day is May 7th.

    Senior finals will be:

    May 6th- Periods 2 and 3

    May 7th- Period 1, Graduation rehearsal will be at 9:35 in the gym.


    While graduation will look different this year, and there are still a lot of details to be determined, what follows is what we know for sure:

    • Graduation practice will occur on Friday, May 7th at 9:35. Seniors will be released after 1st hour and report directly to the gym for graduation rehearsal.
      • South Remote and ASD Virtual students should bookmark this date and plan to attend. More details will be forthcoming.
    • Graduation will occur on Friday, May 14th at 11 am in the South High School Football Stadium.
    • Seniors should park in the north side, staff parking lot and report to the main gymnasium at 10:00 am on May 14th to get lined up and prepared for the 11 am ceremony.
    • May 14th will be an asynchronous learning day for all underclassmen due to the midday graduation time. 
    • At this time, due to large group gathering limitations, each student will be allowed five attendees in the stadium bleachers. Due to MOA EO-20 we must comply with social distancing requirements even though this is an outdoor event and seating capacity is limited in our stadium. Tickets will be given to students at graduation rehearsal.  
    • The ceremony will also be live-streamed.

    UPDATE-Due to the changes in the Emergency Order this week, we are now able to offer more tickets per graduate.Social distancing requirements are now 3 feet rather than 6 feet. This means we will be able to offer two more tickets per graduate. As a result, each graduate will receive 5 tickets. The tickets will be given to each graduate at graduation practice on Friday, May 7th at 10 am. Students who have an ASD Chromebook will be required to return their Chromebook and charger in order to receive their tickets. With this increase in tickets, we have a favor to ask all parents and community members who plan to attend.We have 330 graduates, and up to 1650 guests. We only have 488 parking spaces in our lower lot. Since there are many more guests than parking spots, we are asking everyone to carpool. If you live in a neighborhood close to the school grounds, you are encouraged to walk so spaces can be provided to those who must cover a longer distance to get to graduation. 

    If you have not yet ordered a cap and gown, please contact Scott Brown at 223-6002. A cap, gown and stole are required for all students intending to walk at graduation. Gowns and caps may not be altered or decorated. Students will not be allowed to walk at graduation if caps and gowns gave been altered or decorated. The only exception is adornment that meets the ASD policy qualifying it as cultural or tribal regalia. More information can be found on the ASD website under 'Graduation Requirements'.  

    Graduates, please do not bring anything other than a car key (NO PHONES) onto the field with you during the graduation ceremony. Security will take anything brought in and it will be your responsibility to get it after graduation, which is time consuming and a hassle for all involved. Please leave belongings at home or with someone in the audience.

    Final transcripts will not be available until after May 27th. Students can make a request for their final transcript by going to the ASD website and choosing 'Request a Transcript' from the yellow 'I Want To' tab.

    Once you graduate all access to your Q and ASD Google accounts will end. Please follow this link for directions on how to save your documents.

    Senior Chromebook Return:

    UPDATE-Seniors who were issued an ASD Chromebook this year will be required to return them before they graduate. There are two options for return. Students without a first period can turn them in on Thursday, May 6th outside of room G104. Students who need their Chromebook for their first period final on Monday, May 7th, will be asked to turn in their Chromebook and charger on May 7th before graduation practice in the gym, which will start at 10 am.

    UPDATE-Senior Graduation Yard Sign Pick Up! Seniors with last names beginning A-L can come see Ms. Cravens in the Activities Office, and students with last names beginning M-Z can see Ms. Tilbury in the Student Services office to get their lawn signs as they leave for the day.

    UPDATE-Please return any library books that you may have checked out.

    UPDATE- Please do not wear high heels on the turf. Shoes that have a wedge heel are acceptable. Anything smaller can cause damage to the turf and can be a tripping hazard on the turf. 

    UPDATE- Graduation live stream link:


    The day after graduation, the ceremony will be available again for viewing on the same page.

    Lastly, as graduation nears, some seniors may be inclined to plan something they believe would make themselves or their class more memorable. Please remind your students to refrain from participating in any prank. Although students may feel their prank would be harmless, without fail, pranks end up being disruptive, destructive, and sometimes even dangerous. Please help us keep your students focus and efforts directed on those things that are positive. Please remind your student that walking at graduation is a privilege. The worst thing we ever want to do is deny a student the ability to walk across the stage. Please encourage students to show pride in themselves, their school and their families by finishing the school year in a positive and respectful manner.