• Welcome to South High Music!   



    All students may register for:

        ♪  Concert Band

        ♪  Chamber Strings

        ♪  Mixed Choir

        ♪  Guitar

    No audition is required for these ensembles.


    In addition to the above courses, the South High Music Department offers the following upper level ensembles:

        ♪ Symphonic Band

        ♪ Jazz Band

        ♪ Concert Strings

        ♪ Camerata Strings

        ♪ Concert Choir

        ♪ Swing Choir


    If you would like to audition for one of the upper-level ensembles, please email the director ASAP for audition music and to schedule an audition time. To set-up an audition, please contact:

    • Band: Somaduroff_Justin@asdk12.org
      • The audition for Band will include major scales, rhythmic sight reading, melodic sight reading, and one prepared piece.
    • Choir: Nelson_Rebecca@asdk12.org
      • The audition for Choir will include vocalizing, sight-reading, and a song of your choice.
    • Orchestra: Levine_Nathan@asdk12.org
      • The audition for Orchestra will include sight-reading different styles of music, a 2 octave scaledirector’s choice, and an orchestral excerpt.

    Notes ♫

    • Band offerings include Jazz Band and Symphonic Band, both of which have audition requirements to join. Concert Band is available to anyone who wishes to join who plays an instrument.
    • Orchestra offers three levels of performance ensemble. Camerata, Concert Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra. Incoming 9th graders are encouraged to sign-up for Chamber Orchestra, but may audition for Camerata anytime before the start of the school year.
    • Choir offerings include Swing Choir, the top small performance ensemble, and Concert Choir, the top large performance ensemble, by audition only. Mixed choir is open to all without an audition.


    Ways to prepare for the higher level ensembles:

    • Private lessons
    • Music camps
    • Practice Practice Practice!


    Other notes of interest:

    • Several students take more than one ensemble. For instance, playing bass in Orchestra and Jazz Band, singing in Choir and playing in Band, etc.
    • All performance ensembles include several performances throughout the year.
    • There are many ways to get your credits and still have room in your schedule for music and foreign language! Talk to your counselor about PE waivers and online courses! Make the most of your High School Education and Experience!