Music Eligibility for Region IV and ASAA State Music Activities


    Music ensembles such as band, choir, and orchestra, are both curricular and extra-curricular. We have the opportunity to participate in both Region IV and ASAA State music festivals.


    The festivals are:

    • All-State Large group music festival held each year in


    • Region IV Solo/Ensemble held each year in February.  If you

    qualify at Regions, you continue on to the

    • ASAA State Solo/Ensemble Festival in May.


    You must be eligible for each of these events, just like you would be for a sport. The eligibility process confirms that you have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, are a South High Student, and are enrolled in 5 or more classes.


    Eligibility Process - 4 Steps

    1. Complete ACTIVITY forms in both the parent and the student PlanetHS accounts (link below). Choose MUSIC and then choose either Music-All State or Music-Solo & Ensemble

     If you are an incoming freshman or new to ASD please follow this link to create your PlanetHS accounts (parent and student):

    PlanetHS Registration

    If you already have PlanetHS accounts (parent and student), use this link: PlanetHS

    2. Pay the fee online through your QParentConnect account.

    When you pay the fee through QParentConnect you will choose either Band, Choir, or Orchestra and All-State or Solo/Ensemble. 

    • The All-State audition fee is $15 per audition.
    • The State Solo/Ensemble fee is $15 per student. 


    3. Forward your payment receipt to the Activities Clerk at cravens_kara@asdk12.org, she will reply letting you know if your musician is eligible or what may be missing.

    4. Once verified as eligible, go to Kara Cravens in the Activities Office (between the front office and the library) for confirmation of eligibility and to receive a ‘golden ticket.’ Bring this ‘golden ticket’ to your director. 


    If you have any questions, please reach out to the Activities Clerk at cravens_kara@asdk12.org  


    If you are homeschooled or part-time at South, please contact Mrs. Cravens for instructions on how to complete your eligibility.  cravens_kara@asdk12.org  


    You must also be in good standing in your ensemble and have your director’s approval. Most All-State auditions will be made with the director, or with the director’s specific instructions. Solo/Ensemble repertoire must also be coordinated through your director.


    We highly encourage you to participate in these music opportunities!