Language Arts

  • Journey to Topaz book coverSixth Grade
    Students will develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will receive reading and writing intensives to develop their literacy skills. 

    Roll of Thunder Book Cover Seventh Grade 
    Students will be developing skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking that can carry over to all other subject areas. A variety of literature will be covered including fiction and non-fiction works. To reinforce reading skills, students should be reading 20-30 minutes every night. Reading material should be from books, novels, magazines, or newspapers. 

    Eighth grade
    Students continue studying the four modes of writing and genres of literature. Content focus follows the 8th grade social studies curriculum-American History up to the Civil War. 

    Touching Spirit Bear Book Cover Gifted Language Arts
    In Language Arts, students are expected to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency in the use of the 6 writing traits: mechanics, organization, voice, ideas, effective word choice and sentence fluency. Students will also read independently at an advanced level with an emphasis placed on interpretation of the text. 

    English Language Learners
    English Language Learners / English as a Second Language follow the ASD curriculum for intermediate/advanced placement. Newcomer/Beginner English Language Learners students relieve self-contained instructional support to foster their English language acquisition in addition to grade level subject content. 

    Long Walk to Freedom Book Cover Pre-AP
    College Board's Pre-AP initiatives are designed to equip middle and high school teachers with the strategies and tools they need to engage students in active, high-level learning through which they develop the skills, habits of mind, and concepts needed to succeed in college.