• aksd students Applied Technology 
    In this course, students will be introduced to the study of technology and will see how technologies affect our lives. Students will be able to participate in hands-on activities like CO2 dragsters, electronics, robotics, and rocketry. Students will also learn basic engineering concepts and skills. 

    Visual Art 
    Using the elements and principles of design, students will expand their knowledge of two and three dimensional media through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, pottery, and sculpture. Each student will build a sketchbook and a portfolio of their completed artwork. 

    Business Tech 
    Business Tech assignments cover keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, internet safety, PowerPoint, Photoshop Elements, and iMovie. Computers assignments include keyboarding, internet safety, word processing, getting your first job and career exploration, layout and design, computer aided design, website creation, iMovie and music editing. 

    Family Consumer Science
    This course will focus on hands-on learning experiences. Students will have the opportunity to learn skills in problem solving; following directions; working cooperatively and individual accountability. FCS 7 includes quick and easy recipes, nutrition, care-giving and textiles. FCS 8 includes recipes from scratch, nutrition, textiles, care-giving, living environments, personal finance and careers. 

    This class is an introduction to the Ground School for a Private Pilots license. It covers the physics of aerodynamics, processes of flight, and procedures for obtaining a pilots license and/or career in aviation. This class explores the his- tory of aviation and famous aviators. It involves many hands- on activities and aviation related field trips. 

    Students explore multiple perspectives and research and defend a variety of positions and issues while developing strong reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The study and practice of academic debate will strengthen various language arts and civic skills, including: argument construction, evidence analysis and evaluation, organization, outlining, persuasion, effective word choice, citation, research competence, media literacy, reading comprehension, summarization and outlining, public speaking, ethics and civility. 

    Law Studies
    This course will survey the juvenile justice system, conflict resolution and other law-related activities. Activities such as Youth Court, mock trial, and/or guest speakers from the local Bar Association will engage students in an enlightening exploration of the legal system and it’s role in our lives. Students will also learn about the many careers available in the justice system and the skills that go with them.

    An introduction to anatomy and physiology. Students will discover more about themselves by learning more about how their bodies work and function. Work is based on daily activities in class.

    First Aid
    This course will include a variety of safe and healthy living concepts. The American Red Cross First Aid Course will also be covered. A fee will be charged upon completion of the course to receive a first aid card.

    Native Studies
    Students will become aware of and knowledgeable about Alaska native groups. Historical, traditional, cultural, and sociological perspectives are emphasized. Students will explore Alaska native mythology, and create their own myth. Students will create traditional or contemporary objects of Alaska native art in class.

    Students build a foundation of financial literacy through hands-on studies of personal finance and principles of economics. Activities such as experimental economics,mini-society, Junior Achievement, and/or the stock market game will provide opportunity for fun exploration of important 21st century topics. 

    Exploratory Rotation: One quarter each of all of the above classes.
    Semester Electives: One semester each of two of the above classes.