World Languages

  • World Languages logo‌Clark Middle School offers Spanish 

    The top ten reasons to learn another language:

    1. Communicate with people of other languages
    2. Develop a deeper understanding of your own and other cultures
    3. Gain opportunities to travel and discover new places
    4. Become a better listener and more flexible thinker
    5. Increase your understanding of the English language
    6. Improve your skills and grades in other areas of study, including reading, social studies, and math
    7. Earn higher SAT and ACT scores, especially in verbal areas
    8. Get a head start in language requirements for college
    9. Increase job opportunities and salary potential
    10. Learn a THIRD language more easily and become multilingual!

    Why is it especially important that more middle school students have an opportunity to learn in another language?

    • Culturally responsive attitudes ~ to broaden students' educational background through language development and cross-cultural awareness; and foster healthy attitudes about people of other cultures
    • Advanced level coursework ~ to provide motivation for continued language study so that students can achieve higher levels of proficiency


    Learn about the ASD World Languages Incentive Credit, developed to encourage more students to study world languages in middle school. For additional information, go the Anchorage School District World Languages website.